We all remember the disgusting display of callous inhumanity in California, when hundreds of Klanbagging Klanservatives cheered Texas Guv Goodhair because of all the people he’s sent to their deaths. We also know, almost beyond doubt, that Guv Goodhair has sent innocent people to die. We can’t say that for sure because Guv Goodhair blocks any attempt to investigate any of his victims’ innocence. The fact that there are SERIOUS doubts surrounding some Texas executions are more than enough reason to end them.

And yet, in spite of all we know, there are still drooling knuckle-draggers out there who want to EXPAND use of the DP. Death for the crime of rape (no word on who will determine if it is a “legitimate rape” or not) is the one we most frequently hear mentioned as a good candidate for the DP. Because we NEVER jail an innocent man for rape. Especially not in Texas.

Right, Mr. Wiggins?


A Texas man who spent half his life behind bars for a crime he did not commit is finally free.


David Lee Wiggins, 48, was released from prison Friday after a state district court judge in Fort Worth overturned his 1989 conviction for raping a teenage girl based on DNA evidence that demonstrated his innocence.


Though Wiggins maintained his innocence, the 14-year-old victim identified him as her assailant. Her testimony helped to convict Wiggins despite a lack of physical evidence that tied him to the crime, according to the Associated Press.


Wiggins had sought DNA testing before trial, but the court denied his request.


“He filed a handwritten motion from the jail cell while he was awaiting trial for this new thing called DNA testing he’d heard about,” Nina Morrison, an attorney with the New York City-based Innocence Project who filed a motion for post-conviction testing of Wiggins’ DNA in 2007, told WFAA-TV.


Morrison credited prosecutors for preserving evidence that permitted tests to exclude Wiggins as a genetic match.


“If current state-of-the-art DNA testing had been available in 1989, there is not doubt Mr. Wiggins would have been acquitted,” Tarrant County District Attorney Joe Shannon said in a statement Monday.


Wiggins, who stands to collect $80,000 per year that Texas pays to wrongfully convicted former inmates, is the second person in the county since 2001 to have a conviction overturned by DNA. More than 30 people in adjacent Dallas County have had their convictions overturned since then.


Considering how many innocent people are regularly freed from Texas prisons, this has got to be running up quite a tab for Texas taxpayers. Is it any wonder Guv Goodhair loves needling them so much?

Far cheaper to bury your mistakes, than to have to pay for them.

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