The much-hyped Wayne LaPierre “news conference” of today should have removed any residual doubts as to what this guy is. He basically came up with the only thing the NRA EVER comes up with, as in: more guns. Never mind that we are awash in more guns now than we ever have been, and all of the evidence of what THAT will get us. Nope, Wayne doesn’t give a damn about any of that. If one child, or 10,000 children, should have to DIE in order to satisfy Wayne’s ideological demands, then so be it. He revealed to anyone who was watching today that his way of thinking is, qualitatively, indistinguishable from the way that Osama bin Laden thought. Or (perhaps closer to the mark) Pol Pot. This man is an unrepentant terrorist with the blood of countless thousands on his well-manicured hands, and he and his terrorist organization have to be rolled back, and marginalized.

He may have started the ball rolling on his ultimate downfall today, but we can’t wait around for him to self-destruct. Let’s give him all the help we can. And when you’re helping Wayne, don’t forget about his Rushpubliscum pals. Let’s send them packing together. To maybe the Ethiopian-Eritrean border, or Somalia, where they can practice their “freedom” as they wish. And I can be free of the worry that some methed-out Cletus with mental problems is going to pop me with his gun show AK-47.


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