Meet Jeremy Giefer.

You don’t know him, but Paw-Paw (who I call Paw-Paw because the guy changes his stances so often I am assuming Grandpa is getting forgetful) is the best buddy he ever had. As a matter of fact, Paw-Paw has been one of Jeremy Giefer’s staunchest supporters.

See for yourselves, the lengths Paw-Paw went to for his good friend.


Jeremy Giefer served time in jail in 1994 for having sex with a 14-year-old girl.
[However]  two years ago, Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Attorney General Lori Swanson, and then-Chief Justice Eric Magnuson unanimously voted to wipe Giefer’s record clean, granting him a pardon extraordinary.

One reason Giefer wanted his record cleared? His wife wanted to open a childcare center in the house where they live.

That’s one of the troubling details contained in Giefer’s pardon request:

I was told May 2007 that I could no longer coach my son’s baseball team because I was considered a sex offender. We opened a towing company October 2004 and we were told that if we would like to expand our business and tow for the state Patrol you need to have a clear record. Also my wife has worked in the childcare field for 11 years and she was hoping to open our home to care for children but she is not able to do that since I live in the home.

As it turns out, Giefer’s wife–the woman he pleaded guilty to statutorily raping in 1994–had already opened a family childcare center next door to their Vernon Center home two months earlier, according to state licensing information.

Isn’t that great? Paw-Paw got a guy who was diddling a kiddie off the hook. A 14 YEAR OLD kiddie.  And he did it so the guy could open a CHILD CARE CENTER!

Watta guy!

Speaking of Jeremy the kiddie diddler…. How’s he doing nowadays? Paw-Paw got his record cleared, so things should be golden for him. Right?

Uh, not exactly…


In 2003, Giefer was arrested for beating up his 7 year old son (his son with the 14 year old that he got convicted for molesting, and later married.)

In 2006, Giefer got popped for verbally abusing the Chief of Police of the village of Vernon Center.

But it gets so much worse than this.

You see, Jeremy and Susan also had a little girl. It seems insane to you and me that a girl who was having sex with this clown would even DREAM of hanging around after SHE had a little girl, but she did.

And what happened? You know exactly what happened. In 2010, Giefer was charged with nearly 2 dozen counts of child molestation, after his 16 year old daughter reported that Jeremy had been sexually violating her from the time she was 9 YEARS OLD.

Now, does this mean that Paw-Paw is in favor of incest and child molestation? Of course not. But it absolutely DOES, and SHOULD, call Paw-Paw’s judgment into question. This guy has been on the police radar REPEATEDLY, which would make most reasonable people think that perhaps he wasn’t a good candidate for wiping the slate clean-ESPECIALLY in light of the offense he committed. Grown men who have sex with 14 year old girls are seriously fucked in the head, and I mean that even if the guy is only 19, as Giefer was. What this nasty waste did was, in my opinion, entirely predictable.

I think that this speaks directly to Paw-Paw’s judgment as an Executive, and it doesn’t speak well of it.




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