Our Rushpubliscums are a disgusting lot, as I’m sure anyone with a brain more functional than moss would agree.

What might surprise a lot of people is that in Canada, they’ve had a Prime Minister for the last few years that was cut from the American Rushpubliscum mold.

Stephen Harper would be welcomed by the Klanbaggers with open arms. He’s been aggressive in his denial of the causes of climate change (right up to muzzling scientists, which American Rushpubliscums understand all too well.) He also took a budget surplus left to him by his Liberal predecessor and turned it into a budget deficit. And last but not least, Mr. Harper has kept his position largely by lying, fearmongering, and playing to the bigotry of a minority of Canadians. Harper has probably never had more than about 40% approval among all Canadians, and less than that among the voting ones. Oh, and did I mention that Harper’s Government is a cornucopia of corruption?

Sound familiar?

Canada has a way to deal with Harper that I often bitterly regret that we don’t have in this country, and Canadians finally put it to use. Good riddance to lying rubbish.


Shortly after his government’s defeat, Prime Minister Stephen Harper attempted to deflect focus back to Tuesday’s budget. The economy, he said, is the number one priority of Canadians and the budget was the key to the country’s economic future. Then he said: “There was nothing in the budget that the opposition could not or should not have supported.” True enough – but what does that say to Canada’s conservatives? Based on the budget, they are now called on to support a Conservative party that has presided over an extravagant full-scale national revival of big government by fiscal expansion.

Only a few days ago, it seems, Canadian politics was abuzz with the possibility of a new ideological era that favoured smaller government and lower taxes, with less waste, more discipline and a determination to cut taxes. There were signs of revolt in British Columbia, a shake-up in Calgary and reform in Toronto, where Mayor Rob Ford captured a staggering 47% of the vote in a town where The Globe and Mail is considered a right-wing propaganda sheet. Ford Nation, they called it.

There is no Harper Nation. After five-plus years in office, the Harper Conservatives have singularly failed to change the Canadian ideological landscape. Instead, Canadian politics changed the Conservatives. In power, they transformed themselves into another basely partisan party that willingly and even eagerly pandered to whatever the political three-ring circus put on display. This week’s budget, in which $2-billion in loose cash was promptly distributed to a score of special interests and political agendas, left in place a $40-billion deficit for 2010 and solidified a $100-billion increase in the national debt over five years.


Another lying Constipative, chanting the mantras of “small GUBMINT” and “less spending,” and then ladling out Federal goodies to his cronies while running up a huge debt. What is Harper’s stump speech right now, since his Government has lost a no-confidence vote?

Yep. More of the same nonsense he’s already said and lied about. But he’s also warning that “LIBRULS AND SOCIALISTS!!!” are gonna take over unless Canadians vote Constipative in this election cycle.

What was that question I asked before? Oh, yeah.

Sound familiar?

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