Crazy Rushpubliscum Party

We have heard rumors for years now that a few sane Republicans are still scattered here and there. The big problem they’ve had up to now is that they’ve been marginalized, and then shoved out, by the lunatic schizophrenic fringe of racists, misogynists, xenophobes, religious wack jobs, and proudly stupid people that have become the de facto mainstream of the Republican Party.

In Kansas, of all places, the sane ones have decided to take a stand, and try to reclaim what was once theirs. If it really can happen in Kansas, it may be that the national party can again reflect actual American values, instead of the values of Mussolini. Time will tell, but with the national apparatus being what it now is, I think it’s a long shot.


A group of moderate Kansas Republicans led by a former United States senator plans to wage a war to take back the state GOP, even if it means endorsing a Democrat.


A group of more than 60 moderate Republicans, mostly former state legislators, formed Traditional Republicans for Common Sense in an effort to regain control of the state Republican Party. An ongoing Republican Party civil war in Kansas has pitted conservative Republicans against a moderate faction; conservative Republicans knocked out moderates from the state Senate during the 2012 primary, giving conservatives control of both legislative bodies and the governorship.


“In general, the group is not happy with the direction of the Republican Party in Kansas,” former state Senate President Steve Morris (R-Hugoton), who lost his reelection bid last year, told HuffPost. “We feel the party has been hijacked. We are trying to come up with a strategy to get traditional Republicans elected to public office.”


Morris and former U.S. Sen. Sheila Frahm (R-Kan.), both leaders of the state’s moderate Republican movement, told HuffPost that concern over the state’s direction, particularly in the areas of education, transportation spending and rural health care, is driving the group. In 2012, Morris accused Gov. Sam Brownback (R) of trying to create an “ultraconservative utopia” in Kansas.


Frahm, who served four months as an appointed senator in 1996, said that policies pushed by Brownback and conservative Republican state legislators are upsetting Kansans.


“People in Kansas are frustrated, concerned and scared,” she said of the conservative policies.


Sheila Frahm is going to be hit above the belt with the “SORE LOSERMAN!!!” cry, and below the belt for being a woman. With Brownback and the Klansas establishment looking to derail her, she’s got a long, hard slog ahead of her. For her sake, and the sake of the US in general, I certainly hope she makes some progress.

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