I should begin by explaining what I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks. My first grandchild made his appearance on the scene, very annoyed but also healthy. And, I had a taekwondo tournament to attend, where my daughter placed in the rankings and can move forward nationally, if time and money permit a lot of that. But none of this, of course, caused me to miss any of what’s going on. It just caused me to be a bit slow in reflecting on it.

Where do we begin? With the Paul Ryan Objectivist Budget? November of 2012 was a rather loud warning to the rump Rushpubliscum Party that Americans do not, and have not, shared their views. Apparently everyone but the politicians of the Rushpubliscum Party got the memo. In spite of the idea of handing Grandma a chit and sending her off on her own being a wildly unpopular one, wonder boy Paul “Goober” Ryan is pushing it again. Is he really that stupid? Of course he is, but that isn’t necessarily why he’s doing it. He’s been on his knees with a mouthful of Koch for years now, and he dares not disappoint his masters by moderating his tone. After all, it isn’t like the guy ever held a legitimate job, or has any natural talent. How else will he keep himself in the style to which he has become accustomed (and self-entitled?)

And, of course, there’s also the “slavery wasn’t THAT bad” brouhaha at CPAC. It is mildly amusing, for a couple of reasons. Reason #1 is, of course, the cacophany of calls after the 2012 election from Rushpubliscum Party mouthpieces to “reach out” to minorities. But reason #2 is funnier. The Rushpubliscums (most recently in the form of a speech from drunken ringmaster John Boehner) have insisted for awhile now that their message is just fine, but the delivery lacks. CPAC attendee Scott Terry, who remarked that “Blacks should be happy that the slave master gave them shelter, clothing, and food,” pretty much sums up the Rushpubliscum attitude, and he put it rather bluntly. If you add this to the constant stream of hateful anti-woman, anti minority, and anti-poor legislation they keep pushing, I’d say that their message has been getting out there pretty damned well. Someone needs to get Boehner to put down a bottle and read a few things; his peeps have done quite the job of message delivery. So the notion that the “message” needs some fine-tuning is way off.

No, they haven’t learned a damned thing, and they won’t. The leaders of the Rushpubliscum Party are as walled-off from reality as their voters are. They get their “news” from FOX, and their polling information from people like Assmussen, who sees every single election there is falling comfortably into their laps. The things they say and do go into an echo chamber, where the stupidity just reinforces itself. There is just about no chance that the Rushpubliscum Party as constituted is going to make any kind of move towards getting closer to the reality of American society. They are going to keep doing exactly what they have been doing, and hope that voter suppression and voter apathy can do for them what their policies surely will not. That’s why it’s become more important than ever for all voters to stay alert, and prepare for 2014. Don’t forget what they did in 2010, and look what that’s gotten us. Voters need to step up and start negating the effects of gerrymandering, so we can remove these clowns from power permanently. The sooner they get sent to the corner, the sooner some thoughtful opposition to the Democrats can emerge. Because, you know, the dems have been a pretty complacent bunch too, because they usually can be. Neither party as constituted is for the betterment of American society. Unfortunately, though, one of the parties is all for the slashing and burning of America, and for that reason, I’ll continue to back the dems.

Unless someone gives me another way to go.


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