Randi’s no fan of Hill, and I’m not either. But Randi IS a fan of the truth, and she always has been.

Since I’m trying to listen to this broadcast and write this at the same time, it’s a hillbilly transcript of a radio broadcast. These are the main points Randi made, and Randi is no fan of voter fraud or of the winner in NH:

  1. 40% of dems went into the voting booth “undecided.” In addition, Edwards’ supporters had among them a huge (as in, 30%) number of “leaners.” Taken together, the number of NH dems who went into the booth without firmly supporting anyone was massive.
  2. Obama went in to the election with around 36%, and he came right back out with 36%. There is no great mystery here.
  3. Of all the places in the US, New Hampshire exit polling has been the most unreliable of all. The good citizens of New Hampshire don’t really like to be exit-polled.

I trust Randi on an issue like this one much more than I trust the Barackophiles, who seem in too many cases to have a Chimpleton-like fanaticism for their candidate that transcends reasonable discussion. I am comfortable with Randi’s assessment of what happened in New Hampshire.

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