In the whites-only Klanservative Reich of Arizona, your racism has to be particularly nasty to have any chance of standing out. And one of the biggest racist standouts in Arizona has been Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu. This is a guy well known for his anathema to anything brown.

Let’s review Babeu’s hardline position on immigration, courtesy of his website.

The assault on our country, our constitution and our freedom coming from Washington, DC is unacceptable.

In Arizona, our legislature passed Senate Bill 1070 – to enforce the laws the Federal government won’t enforce – and the Federal government’s solution is to sue our state rather than simply enforcing immigration laws.

But that’s not all. Babeu has also been tough on corruption, according to his own bio.

Sheriff Babeu has also been fearless in his pursuit of those who abuse the public trust. This includes busting a drug smuggling and identify theft ring run from the County Recorder’s Office and arresting Court personnel for soliciting bribes to fix cases.

Most notably, Sheriff Babeu was asked by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to investigate allegations of wrongdoing in his own department. This detailed search led to the termination of his top two deputies.

Sheriff Babeu is committed to honest, open, and transparent government.

Yep, Babeu is just a great guy, protecting the good REAL Uhmuhricuns of Arizona from brown hordes, dope, and corrupt cops. He is so highly regarded that McCoot used him psominently in a campaign ad back in 2008.

You might remember that ad. If you don’t, here’s a picture.

Babeu has a lot of pictures, as one of the prominent Arizona Klanservatives. The Internets is loaded with Babeu’s pictures. Babeu at CPAC, Babeu with McCoot, Baqbeu cracking down on crime.But today, there are some new pics of Babeu on the Internets that aren’t quite as widely known. They aren’t so well known because Babeu hasn’t done much to promote them. These pictures show a softer, gentler side of Arizona’s He-Man Sheriff.

That’s OK, though: we will make sure that everyone knows that the tough guy has a gentler side. REAL gentle.

Thanks, Arizona New Times. Click the pic for a link to the story


Yep, it seems that the tough-guy, immigrant-hating Sheriff of Pinal County does have a soft spot-or is that a hard-on?-for at least ONE immigrant.


Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu — who became the face of Arizona border security nationally after he started stridently opposing illegal immigration — threatened his Mexican ex-lover with deportation when the man refused to promise never to disclose their years-long relationship, the former boyfriend and his lawyer tell New Times.

The latest of the alleged threats were made through Babeu’s personal attorney, who’s also running the sheriff’s campaign for Congress in District 4, the ex-lover says.


He says lawyer Chris DeRose demanded he sign an agreement that he would never breathe a word about the affair. But Jose (New Times is withholding his last name because Babeu and his attorney have challenged his legal status) refused.


The 34-year-old from central Mexico charges that the sheriff’s lawyer warned against mentioning the affair with Babeu. DeRose said gossip about Babeu would focus attention on Jose, attention that could result in his deportation, Jose says.


Melissa Weiss-Riner, Jose’s attorney, confirms her client’s account.


She says she spoke directly to the sheriff’s lawyer, DeRose, about the Babeu camp’s threats that Jose could be deported if he “revealed the relationship.” She says DeRose falsely claimed that Jose’s visa had expired.


“Jose came to our firm because he felt he was being intimidated, and he was in fear for his life,” Weiss-Riner says. “He wanted his legal rights protected.”


Babeu didn’t respond to requests for comment by publication time for this article, but his attorney, DeRose, says the dispute between Jose and the sheriff concerned Jose’s work on Babeu’s websites. He says Jose was a former volunteer who hacked into a campaign website.


DeRose didn’t immediately address the other claims against him and the sheriff, except to say, “I never threatened to deport anybody” and that “[Babeu's] not threatening anybody.”


Informed of the situation, Nancy-Jo Merritt, a longtime Phoenix immigration attorney, says such a threat would be indicative of an “atmosphere that’s been created politically in this state, so that if you get angry at someone who is Hispanic, you immediately jump down to the level of threatening to deport him.


“If what [Babeu's attorney] says is correct [about Jose's being illegal], either the sheriff had a long relationship with someone he knew was undocumented, while all the time being Mr. Bluster about the border and using it for political gain,” or he threatened to deport someone he just broke up with, Merritt says.


“That’s just the worst kind of hypocrisy.”


No, that’s just the EXACT kind of hypocrisy we’ve come to expect from the Klanservatives. I wish I could say that this surprises me, but I’m surprised when one of these clowns turns out to be on the up-and-up. Hell, ARE any of them legit? It seems to me that the only ones who don’t have something like this known about them just haven’t been caught yet.

How much of an idiot do you have to be to vote for a right-winger in this day and age?


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