Just yesterday, I talked about a piss-yourself scary threat to our very lives that the MSM has resolutely refused to touch-that of the potential twin meltdown disasters looming in Nebraska, due to the flooding of the Missouri River.

That was yesterday, and it was flooding. Today, a brand-new piss-yourself potential apocalyptic disaster is looming. But this one may come as a result of fire, and it’s in New Mexico.

And, as usual, the MSM is saying very little about it. That’s because-yep-this potential megakiller also involves nukes.

As Americans, we are going to have to demand that the playing around with nukes has to come to a stop, unless and until we can assure ourselves of absolute safety. Between all these sites in the US and Fukushima, we could well wipe out life over a fairly large chunk of the planet.


The southwest of the United States is in perpetual danger from the wildfires raging in the zone. The Los Alamos National Lab, the place where the first nuclear weapons where created during the Second World War has recently been evacuated due to the fact that it was endangered by the Las Conchas fire that was fast approaching it. The Associated Press said that officials assured the community that “all radioactive and hazardous materials were being protected.” In addition 100 residents that lived nearby have been evacuated.

At the same time, bad news is coming from the Nebraska region as the waters of the Missouri River have reached the nuclear power plant after one of the berms collapsed. The water-filled flood berm was located at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station; Mike Jones who is a spokesman of the Omaha Public Power District stated that the berm was hit by machinery and got deflated on Sunday. However, the officials state that there is no danger coming from the power plant as the station has been shut down in order to be refueled since April.

“The plant is still protected. This was an additional, a secondary, level of protection that we had put up,” Jones told CNN. “The plant remains protected to the level it would have been if the aqua berm had not been added.”


Yes, all “protected.” Just like at every other nuke facility. That’s ALWAYS the story.

But if you dig a little deeper, you hear different stories. This is also de rigeur, of course.


A senior investigator with the Project on Government Oversight said a fire at the facility would be a “disaster” that could result in large and lethal releases of radiation. Officials insist explosive materials on the laboratory’s grounds are safely stored in underground bunkers made of concrete and steel. But the group, Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety, told the Associated Press that the fire appeared to be about 3.5 miles from a dump site where as many as 30,000 55-gallon drums of plutonium-contaminated waste were stored in fabric tents above ground. The group said the drums were awaiting transport to a low-level radiation dump site in southern New Mexico. We speak with Greg Mello, the director of the Los Alamos Study Group, a citizen-led nuclear disarmament group based in New Mexico. “Los Alamos Lab is becoming the center of plutonium manufacture for the country,” Mello says, even though “it’s a place with a lot of natural hazards, not just fire, but also earthquakes.”


I wonder just how much heat it would take to start popping those drums. Since they are most certainly sealed airtight, I am guessing that what you have there is tens of thousands of nuke-enhanced aerosol cans, just waiting for heat. Won’t it be just LOVELY if the fire starts popping them? It is a certainty that no local disaster agencies have ever been prepped for a disaster on that scale, and that would INCLUDE the teams working at Los Alamos full-time.

Because disasters of this magnitude are inconceivable. Like earthquakes of extraordinary magnitude are inconceivable. And flooding of Biblical proportions is inconceivable.

Certainly, the people living near Los Alamos and Fort Calhoun, especially, are in my thoughts, as well as all of the poor souls who have suffered, and are yet to suffer, at Fukushima.

The way things are going, you and I are liable to fall into the “will suffer” column, sometime soon.






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