The REAL Uhmuhricuns of Klansas have a two-pronged approach to ridding their lily-white society of those foul brown stains. You may remember the proposed first part of that approach, which would be to shoot them brown vermin from helicopters, as proposed by Jesus-loving Klansas Rushpubliscum Virgil Peck. Part II of the program, which is already being implemented, is a little simpler: just starve the offspring of the vermin you shoot down.

The Klansas Klanservative Klanbaggers make me ashamed to admit that I share citizenship with them.


The Appropriations Committee was planning Monday to question Michelle Schroeder, public policy director for the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services.

An SRS policy enacted Oct. 1 changed how household incomes are calculated for determining eligibility for food stamps. SRS officials have said the change ended a practice that favored families with illegal immigrants.

Legislators say they’re sympathetic to the goal, but some say the state could attack the problem without cutting off food stamps to children.

Well, now I don’t know about that. If you let any of them brown vermin live, they grow up and BREED! And what will happen to REAL Uhmuhricuns if THAT is tolerated?

Michelle Schroeder has implemented “compassionate conservatism” in Klansas as Jesus always meant for the policy to be.

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