As you’ve probably noticed, I neither link to many of the so-called big players in the left blogosphere, nor do I participate in the discussions on many of them; there is a cliquishness and air of superiority on these sites that a rock-thrower like me will find hard to survive in, and as a result I’ve been booted off of most of them-censored, account suspended, etc. The only reason I ever censor or ban on this site is a direct attack on me, my writing pals, or my commenters that has nothing to do with the discussion; other than that, you can say pretty much what you want to say, as you’ll discover if you go back through the comments here. These conditions don’t exist on the blogs of my better-known counterparts, who seem hellbent on creating some kind of image of themselves of a better-educated and more sophisticated bunch who certainly have no time and no use for someone who says what he’s thinking in blunt fashion. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be painfully articulate, but sometimes shock is an excellent delivery mechanism for the message as well. I respond better to Ed Schultz than I do to Rachel Maddow, although I love both of them. Big Eddie, however, speaks a language I understand immediately, in terms that I think in. I appreciate what Rachel does, but I think there’s a place and a role for Eddie too.

Given the mutual antipathy between me and the bigger players, there are few of their sites that I’m even allowed to comment on now, much less say what I’m thinking. One of the big players that HAS usually let me speak my piece, however, has been the HuffPo. In the last year or so, however, I’ve noticed subtle little changes in their format that was somewhat disturbing. One thing that they’ve really tightened up on is the comment moderation. Now understand that I do not swear in the commenters’ section of the HuffPo, but I do use my normal terms of endearment for the Rushpubliscum Party and all of the Dildoheads who populate it, and I have noticed a few of my posts here and there that never make it into the comments. This disturbs me somewhat (though not nearly as much as the supposed “left” blogger who threatened to report me to my ISP if ever I posted “Rushpubliscum” on her site again,) but I have actually tried to reframe what I’m thinking a little bit in order to keep it within the bounds of whoever nay be running the show there. I enjoy the stories, and I enjoy the discussions, and it’s mostly good.

I suspect that the “mostly good” part of it is about to change, though. If you go to the HuffPo tonight, you’ll learn that Arianna has sold out to AOL. AOL has a “news” section already that is infested with the bots of the Rushpubliscum Party, which makes me wonder about Arianna’s assurance that “nothing changes” on the HuffPo. I also remember quite well that the merger of AOL and Time/Warner is a pretty clear delimiter for the abrupt decline of CNN and the transformation of that once-proud news outlet into an imitator of FOX “News.” We always hear that corporate takeovers aren’t going to change anything at the venue that was taken over, but how often does that turn out to be true?

Yep. Precisely. I hold onto my own piece of Web real estate for a reason, and I don’t figure that I’ll be giving it away any time soon.

If you still enjoy the HuffPo, enjoy it while you can. I suspect that your time to enjoy it can now be measured out in months, if not weeks.

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