This entire campaign, Willard has been insisting that we just gots to give even more money to the rich through tax slashing ‘cuz GUBMINT don’t create no jobs!

Except when they DO. THEN, Willard gets all pissed off because the Obama Administration is actually listening to the Pentagon, and mothballing production of equipment that they DO NOT WANT MORE OF.

No, Willard. You can’t do this. You can’t have this both ways. Either you were right before, or you’re right now. You can’t be on both sides of this issue. It’s plain stupid.


At this point it’s only a radio ad, but the Romney campaign is trying to capitalize in crucial Ohio on a remark in last night’s debate by Vice President Joe Biden.

“Look, the military says we need a smaller, leaner Army. We don’t need more M1 tanks, what we need is more UAVs,” Biden said, referring to unmanned aerial vehicles, many of which are tested and developed at Wright Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton.

Since the M1 is made at the Lima tank plant, Romney backers are spreading the word about the potential impact of such cuts.

“While the world grows more hostile and unstable every day, the White House wants to take away one of the most vital weapons in our arsenal — made right here in Ohio. Giving our troops the tools they need just isn’t a priority for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Their own budget would shut down America’s only M-1 tank plant,” says the radio spot, airing in central and northwest Ohio. “As an Ohioan, you know that’s not just an attack against our ability to defend our freedom. It’s also an attack against our jobs and our way of life. Two attacks. Which one is worse?”

Senator Rob Portman, who preps Mitt Romney for his debates and is a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, released a statement saying:

“Since World War II, there have been reoccurring predictions that the days of tanks and ground combat vehicles were behind us, but it never takes long for those predictions to be shattered. In last night’s debate, Vice President Biden added himself to this list of naysayers. The past decade has once again demonstrated the critical role of tanks in fulfilling our national security. The Army knows it needs to upgrade its tanks in a few years, but if the White House has their short-sighted way, there may not be a ready U.S. industrial base to do it.”

Obama campaign spokeswoman Jessica Kershaw offered the following response:

“Mitt Romney is playing politics with this issue, setting military spending levels without regard to the actual priorities of our military leadership. Our military leaders developed a defense strategy to prepare us for the challenges of the coming decades. The Obama administration recognizes the unique skill set required to build this tank and believes that demand from our allies will be enough to keep the Lima plant running, so we do not lose that expertise between now and when we begin production of the next generation tanks that will be equipped to keep us safe for decades to come.”

See what I mean here? This is a STUPID frigging argument to be making. Now if Willard is doing as well in Ohio as everyone wants us to believe, why on Earth is he STILL violently pandering?

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