I have the smarts about me to realize this will cause some controversy, anger some, make some happy, and quite possibly, cause some to de-friend me. I am okay with all of it, because due to popular demand, I am forced to write this. Here goes.


1. To house a gun in your residence, you must acquire insurance through your home-owner’s insurance, or renter’s insurance. To have a trampoline on your property without insurance means an  immediate cancellation of policy, so I see nothing wrong with this theory. It’s one way to make it a bit more difficult to own a gun, and God forbid and accident occur, it may help with both medical and legal. It will also make the gun-owner more cautious about location and availability of his/her weapons.
If you are found to own a gun, keep it in your home and not have it insured, you lose your lisence, period. No second chances, no class to teach you right from wrong.

2. To own a gun, you must take a gun-safety class. Not some 2 day, use your book to take the test kind of class, either. A real class, with real mechanics, and real statistics. You must understand what owning a gun means, what it can do, and what will happen if it is not taken care of properly.

3. To keep your license, you must register your gun, yearly, and with that comes an evaluation, paid for by the owner, by a licensed therapist. It’s not a walk in, walk out kind of evaluation, but at least 2 visits. The counselor must be certified for this type of evaluation, and perhaps be a retired police therapist, or government therapist, someone familiar with criminal psychology.

4. If you have ever had an assault charge, you cannot own a gun. If you have ever had to take an anger-management class, you can’t own a gun. If you have ever been arrested for fighting, stalking, or harrassing, you can’t own a gun. (Even once).

5. When you aren’t home, you have to keep all guns locked in an approved gun safe.

6. If you have an adult living with you who has an assault on his/her record, a history of violence or mental instability, or a diagnosis of a personality disorder (this pertains to under 18, also), you cannot house a gun in your residence.

7. To purchase bullets, you must have a valid gun license.

8. Bullets need to be taxed higher. Cigarettes were taxed a ridiculous amount, so with the same line of thinking, so should bullets.

9. The cost of bullets needs to be much more expensive. My fiance, who is an avid hunter, just let me know how cheap they are, currently, and he stated he has no problem paying more for his bullets, because he is using them in a responsible manner- for hunting. “A gun is just a big hunk of metal without the ammunition, so why not make that harder to access” ~ Jesus Magdalene.

10. No open-carry, no concealed-carry. That way there’s no confusion. You see a gun, you call the police instead of just thinking “well he’s probably got a permit”. No, you call the fucking police.

Now, on to the reality part of this soap box, and there’s really just one.

1. No matter what laws we put in place, what safety measures we take, no matter the consequences of not following the rules, there will be guns. There will be illegal, black-market weapons just like there are drugs. They will find their way here, and into the hands of people who should not own them.

They will be sold behind pawn shops, in public bathrooms, and in the back rooms of diners. History proves this to be true. Prohibition had speak-easys, prostitution has “escorts”, drugs have smugglers, mafias have paid cops. The point is, there’s always a way, and though I wish there wasn’t, the reality is plain and simple. I still feel my ideals should happen, but I am not expecting a miracle, and you shouldn’t either.

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