Ah yes, Senator Kris Jordan, an up-and-comer in the ranks of Ohio Rushpubliscum politics.

Kris is exactly the kind of “values” Rushpubliscum you’ve come to expect from a state with the most corrupt Rushpubliscum establishment north of Austin. He talks a great game about God and “family values,” and then he gets drunk and knocks his wife around.

And he screams “PERSECUTION!!!” if the law dares to try to interfere in his ass-kickings.

Like all Ohio Rushpubliscums, Kris feels that he is above the law, so much so that he can even harass law enforcement officers that dare to try to apply those laws to HIM.

I know that all of Jordan’s supporters must be feeling really good about their votes right now.


The county prosecutor has asked the state attorney general to investigate Delaware County Sheriff Walter L. Davis III, after a state senator raised questions with deputies about how his domestic-violence case was handled.

Republican Sen. Kris Jordan, who was investigated for — but not charged with — domestic violence and disorderly conduct last month, contacted two off-duty deputies asking about a missing report and the upgrading of charges.

According to a statement by Deputy Daniel Yarnell, Jordan called him at home on Aug. 8, asking whether the deputy was asked to change his report or if he checked any boxes for domestic violence.

“Mr. Jordan did state that he thought Sheriff Davis was out to ruin his political career,” Yarnell wrote.

According to records, charges were upgraded from a domestic dispute to disorderly conduct, and a charge of domestic violence was added in the days after the July 11 incident.

“In this case, as in all cases, once clarification is given and all evidence is reviewed, corrections are made,” Davis said in an email.

On July 29, Jordan’s attorney called Deputy Brian Carter, asking about a narrative he wrote that went missing from the office’s system. Jordan made his own call on Aug. 7.

Davis said the narrative was never saved in the system and that Carter, who had printed his own copy, re-entered it into the record. The narrative is similar to the three others submitted by deputies.

Asked if he thought there was any improper conduct by his office during the investigation, Davis said there was not.

“The four deputies who responded to this call and their supervisors acted within the sheriff’s office protocol in reference to filing, checking and approving offense reports,” he said.


Now, considering that the Sheriff is also a Rushpubliscum, don’t you have to ask yourself WHY he’s out to get poor Kris? And while you’re asking yourself that question, ask yourself why this guy wasn’t taken in, especially when his wife expressed fears that his drunk ass might blast her? I don’t know about you, but if I get drunk, knock my wife around, and my wife calls the cops and tells them I might just shoot her…. I know where I’ll spend the night.

After you’re done with those questions, ask yourself why this chickenshit punk isn’t forced to resign. He’s an arrogant piece of shit that taints the smell of Ohio.

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