In Chapter I, I railed about the ineffective and corrupt leadership of the DNC. In Chapter II, I beat my head on the floor over the complete lack of a compelling message coming from the Democrats, which is due to the corruption and ineptitude I wailed about in Chapter I. I said, and I believe, that the Democratic Party is not going to change until the present bunch are sent packing. Retire them, un-elect them, redistrict them out of political existence…. stop the stupidity and spinelessness.

OK. Let’s say we finally deal with the likes of DWS, Steny Whoryer, “Stepnfetchit” Reid, and the rest of the dem enablers. Are there people available who could put the Democratic Party on the correct path?

Yes. There are. And the MSM, along with BOTH political parties, have been marginalizing them for years.

Howard Dean, as the head of the DNC, delivered a message of change, moreso than any other figure. His message got sabotaged after the 2008 election by the spineless, lazy, complacent, and corrupt dem “leadership,” but Dean, himself, is dedicated to an America that takes care of its own. He knows what we need to do, and he ran for President in 2004 with a platform that would have had us living in a much different America than the one we presently inhabit. This, of course, was intolerable to the elites of both political parties, and they made quick work of him by using the “Dean Scream” (along with some really suggestive “analysis” from the mainstream media) to try to portray Dr. Dean as being unstable. It’s an old trick (see Edmund Muskie in 1972,) but it’s worked time and time again. In this new media age that we live in, it might not work so well.

Alan Grayson has paid a heavy price for being willing to speak the plain truth about American policy as it is. He was left to twist in the wind in 2010, and was replaced by a Rushpubliscum, presumably to the relief of Floridian Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Among the cardinal sins of Alan Grayson, there were his calls for transparency in the Federal Reserve, and his fight for a single-payer system for healthcare. One of the only actual economists (and a wildly successful businessman to boot) in Congress, he railed against the economic sabotage being waged in the halls of Congress by what he called “K Street whores.” He was right. He IS right. Let’s hope he can make it back to Congress in 2012.

Keith Ellison comes from Minnesota, and he almost makes up for their sending Michele to Congress. Ellison has tried to hold the criminals in the Bush Administration accountable for their many crimes, and he has educated himself about the situation in the Mideast with several trips to the hottest spots in the region. In addition, Ellison has spent most of his professional career as a legal adviser to those who would otherwise have no access to legal advice, due to their economic circumstances. Ellison is a strong champion of social justice, and would make an excellent addition to the top echelons of Congressional leadership.

So, as you can see, the situation in DC isn’t all bad, in spite of my previous posts. We do have commonsense voices still in the Democratic Party who are willing and ready to start leading the nation forward again. They will never get any traction in the MSM, and the present “leadership” will continue to try to marginalize them (except where convenient for DNC solicitation drives,) but-they’re there. We need them. They could help us find our way out.

Whatever happens this year, it is high time for Dr. Dean’s “Democratic wing of the Democratic Party” to come back to the fore.

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