There are things that I know are true the minute I encounter a Klanbagger. Among those things I know to be true are that the person I am dealing with is:





-A freeloader


-A chiseler

~A misogynist

Now, it appears that I need to add one more thing to automatically assume when I’ve met a Klanbagger. I must now assume that I am dealing with a pervert.

No, there’s no surprise at all here. I guess the big surprise will come if I ever hear of a Klanbagger who ISN’T f’d up, in one form, or in many.


Members of the San Diego Tea Party have confirmed that their one-time spokesman is the man arrested for raping a woman on Fiesta Island, it was reported over the weekend.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that Michael John Kobulnicky, 50, of Lemon Grove, had been the Tea Party’s public voice up until last January, when he took a leave for personal reasons.

The newspaper reported that Tea Party San Diego issued a statement saying “our hearts and prayers go out to the victim,” and added that Kobulnicky had been stripped of his role with the movement.

Kobulnicky was arrested Thursday afternoon, according to San Diego police, and charged with raping the 56-year-old victim on Feb. 25. Kobulnicky allegedly had spotted the woman as she walked on Linda Vista Road, offered her a ride and took her past her house to Fiesta Island.

The 6-foot-3-inch, 205-pound suspect allegedly pulled the victim out of the vehicle and raped her, then drove off. Surveillance tape from an earlier gas station purchase led to numerous tips identifying Kobulnicky, police said.


Actually, I don’t know why they got rid of him. Fucking other Americans against their will is what the Klanservative Klanbagging Kochsuckers are all about. He seems to me to be tailor-made for the role he previously filled.

Eh-he’s STILL a Klanbagger in deed, if not in official word.


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