The old white folks who make up the rotting carcass known as the Rushpubliscum Party have been pretty sure of getting whatever they wanted for hundreds of years.

When they wanted land, they killed the Natives, and took it. When they wanted people to clear that land, they imported slaves to do it. When those slaves were granted some human rights after the Civil War, they wrote laws in their jurisdictions to prevent those human beings from enjoying the rights that our Constitution provided to them. And, last but not least, when they were forced to tolerate people who didn’t look like them in cities, they simply abandoned the cities, leaving hollowed-out shells with a whole bunch of problems.

In 2012, the people who have been stomped on for centuries struck back, decisively, at the ballot box. If not for the gerrymandering (another Rushpubliscum trick for denying nonwhites the same rights as other people,) the Rushpubliscum Party would only be prevalent in the Southeast and a handful of Mountain West states. Rushpubliscum leaders are all too aware of this, of course, and understand that their brand is dying. They’ve talked a lot in the last couple of weeks about “reforming” themselves to make themselves more attractive to the future America. Can we divine what form that “reform” that they’re talking about might take? To borrow a phrase, Yes We Can! We saw them react to their 2008 clubbing by bringing Michael Steele into the RNC, to give the Rushpubliscum Party a bit of a darker hue. But behind Steele, of course, the same old racist policies remained firmly in place. Steele amounted to an old Al Jolson-style minstrel show.

So you will not be surprised to find out that their 2012 “reforms” amount to changing the drapes. I’m sure they’ll stick Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, or some other self-loather in the window soon. Just like they did with Steele.


Sen. Bob Menendez argued November’s election was “profoundly clear … the first order of business in response should be comprehensive immigration reform.”

“This election as a mandate for immigration reform that includes an earned pathway to citizenship,” he added, warning that Latinos “expect [President Obama] will put political capital on the table to make this happen.”

Republicans have clearly seen the winds shifting — the House later this week will vote on legislation aimed at increasing visas for certain types of workers, and the Kyl-Hutchison bill appears to be an earnest attempt by the two veteran border-state members to try and kick start bipartisan talks on the issue.

“I think there’s recognition of what this election meant. For Latinos in this country this is the civil rights issue of our time,” Menendez said.

Indeed, more Republicans are beginning to warm to the notion of comprehensive reform, and bipartisan negotiations have quietly begun in both chambers.

Still, the bulk of Republicans are, at least for now, resisting the notion of comprehensive reform, something that Latino community leaders and Democrats are increasingly adamant about.

Gutierrez noted that when CHC initially agreed to back the measure before the House, it meant abandoning “a decade old principle of this caucus, [that] we won’t deal piece-meal.”

Democrats, he argued, had hoped the bill would include protections for family members covered by the bill, most of which were ultimately not included.

As a result, the CHC is now actively opposing the bill. “It’s almost as though they didn’t hear the call of voters on election day,” Gutierrez argued.


They didn’t. There is a reason that they were so shocked at losing in November, and the fact that Rove couldn’t game it for them is only part of it. Rushpubliscums have been living in an echo chamber for years, where they spoon-feed lies to people eager to believe those lies. Rushpubliscums are completely unable to understand on an intellectual level that there are people who will not swallow whatever bullshit they’re serving up, because they simply do not associate with those people. “Those people,” of course, being the key phrase here.

Whatever. They can go right on kidding themselves, and we’ll see them again in 2016. After that, we’ll see far fewer of them.

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