You might wonder what has my friend smiling. Let me tell you about it.

My friend found out that one of her kind struck a blow for freedom in Michigan, and she’s just delighted about it.

There is an old saying: you can’t fool dogs and children.

Obviously, there is something to this saying. I say next we give some children bags full of rocks, and send them to meet this politician. Just to be sure that the old saying is really true.


Tittabawassee Township politician Ann M. Doyle earned three bite marks and the potential support a Frankenmuth Township voter Wednesday.

On a sunny Friday beneath the shade of a tree at her Tittabawassee Township home, Saginaw County Commissioner Doyle rubs her puffy, bruised arm.

A single stitch ties together skin where fatty tissue once emerged after a leaping dog’s teeth punctured her right forearm.

Doyle, a Republican campaigning for the 94th District state House of Representatives seat currently held by Rep. Kenneth Horn, R-Frankenmuth, was traveling door to door handing out literature in a rural section of town when the attack commenced.

Her “policy” is to skip the homes where dogs are present.

“We didn’t see a dog, but about the same time I did see the dog, it saw me,” said Doyle, a fourth-term Saginaw County commissioner. “It came running out and jumped, and that was the first bite.

“When he saw me, he was on a dead-run, and he lunged at me, growling, and I blocked him with my arm. Then he dropped down and he was between me and the car and… he came back and did it again, and then I got down the driveway part-way before he got my left arm.”

Doyle received a call from the owner on the night of the attack. He was “super nice,” very “distraught” over what happened and puzzled by the abnormal aggression the dog exhibited, she said.


Puzzled? There’s nothing puzzling here. The dog recognized a threat to its family, and it acted accordingly. There’s no “abnormal aggression” here. I’d think that most decent dogs would act in a similar fashion if a Rushpubliscum ventured onto their turf. And Doyle obviously understands this, thus her “policy.”

It wasn’t too long ago that a couple of Mormons stopped by my front door to discuss the tomes of Joseph Smith with me. It was all I could to to keep them from having an up-close and personal encounter with the creature pictured in this post. She got so aggravated I finally told them that I could not talk to them AND keep the dog off of them. They decided to leave, which was the right decision to make.

And my dog, incidentally, is normally extremely obedient. It wasn’t all that long ago that I was able to call her off a fight between two women down the street. With a clap of my hands.

You decide what set her off when I answered my door. I have a pretty good idea what it was.



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