Willard M. Romney has failed. He has failed for the simple reason that he really thought that a combination of racism and crass stupidity on the part of the American people would be enough to get him where he needed to go. He told story after story, and often contradicted them with an entirely DIFFERENT story the next day, depending on who his audience happened to be. He really didn’t think that Americans would catch him. His contempt for the riff-raff couldn’t have been any plainer well before he ever made the “47%” remarks.

As a result of Willard’s own arrogance, the election that was mostly his to lose, has been lost. He sold his soul, and he’s not going to get anything but a foot to the pants, barring pictures surfacing of Obama in bed with George’s Pet Goat. The debates might help Willard if he does the very BEST he can do, but you know he’s not going to do that. He’ll throw red meat to the base, and alienate even more people.

My advice to Mr. Romney at this point would be to be HIMSELF. He can’t make us hate him any worse, and he might just surprise some of us who are curious about what kind of thinking he actually employs. We haven’t seen him think AT ALL during the entirety of this campaign cycle.


With five weeks left until Election Day and Republican Mitt Romney slipping in the polls, the Romney campaign will hope to turn the tide starting Wednesday, with the first of three nationally televised debates against President Barack Obama.

Many political analysts say presidential debates rarely turn the tide in a race, calling it the exception, rather than the rule.

“In terms of it being a game-changer, it’s very rare that a political debate is going to change much about the (election) discourse,” said Benjamin Bates, an Ohio University professor who studies debate tactics and political communication. “It would have to be a fundamental error for people to change their minds.”

John Sides, a political scientist at George Washington University, wrote recently in Washington Monthly magazine that after extensive studies of debates, pre- and post-debate polling, and eventual election results from the past 50 years, “at best, debates provide a nudge in very close elections like 1960, 1980, or 2000.”


Romney is hoping for a 2000-style “nudge,” which had to do with who was counting the votes-not the debates. And quite frankly, that’s his only hope.

For those of you who are allowed to vote early, I’d suggest you do it, and demand a paper ballot. Klanbagger Governors will have their Klanbagger poll watchers out in force, and Willard is also going to deploy his own goon squad to try to keep you from the polls. So thwart him by end-running him. He knows that’s the only place left for him to win. The debates will be interesting, but they are just a sideshow now.


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