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We already knew that as a Murdoch rag, the New York Post was sure to be full of right wing bullshit, pulled out of the ass of some yarn spinner.

But the Post is so much more than that, if we can believe Sandra Guzman. According to her lawsuit, the Post is a hotbed of racism, misogyny, and depravity, in addition to being a right wing fish wrapper.

Apparently Murdoch, as Australian scum, felt lonely here in America. So to remedy this, he apparently imported some Australian scum to pal around with. As an added bonus, he put his partner in scum to work, running the Post. Let’s take a look at the heckuva job Sandra Guzman says Col Allan is doing.

In a development that the tabloid had to see coming, fired editor Sandra Guzman has sued the New York Post. She claims she was let go because she protested over a political cartoon that many called racist. But in her complaint, she really let loose on a tabloid culture that she called “a hostile work environment where female employees and employees of color have been subjected to pervasive and systemic discrimination and/or unlawful harassment based on their gender, race, color and/or national origin.”

The Huffington Post has the complaint. In it are a lot of juicy details (if they are true), including:

• That the publication’s goal, according to D.C. bureau chief Charles Hurt, was to “destroy [President] Barack Obama.”
• That notorious editor Col Allan once showed her and a few other female employees a naked picture of a man, as a joke.
• That Allan “rubbed his penis up against” a female colleague “and made sexually suggestive comments about her body, including her breasts, causing that female employee to feel extremely uncomfortable and fearing to be alone with him.”
• That as a Latina, Guzman was subjected to derogatory language, being called “Cha Cha No. 1,” and having to listen to people sing songs from
West Side Story at her.
• That a female colleague of Guzman’s was “sexually propositioned” by a white male editor who told her, “If you give me a blow job, I will give you a permanent reporter job.”
• That “the last five employees who were recently terminated by Paul Carlucci, the Publisher of the
Post … Have all been black and/or women of color.”

My, this looks to be a nasty one, doesn’t it? I wonder if the Post will just settle, rather than have to answer this?
You know the allegation about trying to bring down the President is true; all of Murdoch’s print and electronic rags not only don’t deny it, they almost boast about it. If the workplace environment allegations are true, then Murdoch can also be properly labeled as a racist and a misogynist, in addition to being a liar and a sociopath.

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