From the people who brought you an endorsement of Czar Kashitch I comes yet another endorsement that amounts to a sword in the heart of Ohio.

No one who has seen what happened to Ohio under the combined efforts of the Reign of Error and 20 years of Rushpubliscum governance could seriously endorse a Rushpubliscum politician cut from the Chimpy mold. And yet, that’s what these jokers did.


Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney got a thumbs up from the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Saturday.

Ahead of Tuesday’s Ohio primary, the newspaper said the former Massachusetts governor is the only remaining candidate capable of appealing to a wide enough swath of voters to defeat President Obama in November.

“The GOP needs a nominee who can appeal to swing voters and disaffected Democrats, because neither party can rely on its hard-core enthusiasts to carry this key swing state,” the endorsement said.

“None of Romney’s GOP rivals seem capable of such engagement — or of appealing to a broad range of voters,” it said. 

While an endorsement, the editorial expressed concern about Romney’s freely changing stances on issues, a portion of the endorsement omitted by Romney’s camp in an email.

“Consistency is certainly a problem for Romney,” the endorsement said. “The one-time moderate has adjusted his positions on so many issues — including abortion and gay rights — that his core beliefs are a mystery,” it said.

“In this campaign, he has tried so hard to prove his conservative bona fides that he has undercut one of his greatest selling points: the pragmatism that enabled him to get things done as a Republican governor in one of the nation’s most Democratic and liberal states.”


And then, there’s these clowns, who seem to have dedicated themselves to the final, irrevocable destruction of the State of Ohio. One should not forget that these intellectual titans also endorsed J. Kenneth Whitewell back in 2006, while the state was bleeding from its jugular after repeated slashings by Chimpy on a national level, and the corrupt and incompetent Rushpubliscum State establishment on a local level.

Yes, they, too, have gotten out the knife, yet AGAIN, to try to administer the final slashing.

Who can take these papers seriously anymore?


The Cincinnati Enquirer on Saturday endorsed Mitt Romney in the Republican presidential primary.

The paper’s editorial board called for Republicans to end the hard-fought primary contest by getting behind the candidate who can “represent the GOP mainstream.”

The endorsement opens with:

Republican voters can no longer ignore the obvious: There is only one GOP candidate for president who has the temperament, character and discipline to lead the nation. One candidate with the business experience and management skills befitting a chief executive. One candidate who can appeal to a broad enough spectrum of voters to win in November. That candidate is Mitt Romney.


Rushpubliscum governance has taken a fairly decent place to live, and blessed it with a plethora of Third World areas, an infrastructure that is groaning to the point of collapse, and corruption that makes Austin operators green with envy. But these so-called newspapers seem to believe that the cure for a burn blister is to stick your hand even deeper into the fire?

Newspapers don’t seem to understand why their circulation continues to decline. It isn’t really all that hard to understand. The editorial boards of these major Ohio newspapers seem to still be stuck somewhere around 1950, while millions of Ohioans are struggling in the world of 2012. The very policies these papers have endorsed over and over again have turned the daily newspaper into a luxury item that far too many Ohio families really can’t afford anymore.

And those of us who can afford them, are just too disgusted to want them.



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