(Edited to correct DCCC to DNC. I knew that, but sometimes my wandering mind takes the fingers with it.)

If you want to know why there seems to be less and less difference in operating practice between the Rushpubliscum and dem parties these days, you can usually find answers really quickly.

I have already expressed my displeasure with some of the corrupt dem politicians. If you read this rag, you know I have precious little use for Steny Whoryer, DINO Feinstein, Ben(edict) Nelson, Rahm, and a bunch of the other stars of the modern-day dem party.

But even in this cesspool, one dem stands out. Or stinks worse, whatever you prefer.

I have been very neglectful in my criticisms, and I should not have been. I will correct this now.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is presently the Chairperson of the Democratic National Committee. She is also about 75% owned by some billionaire brothers. And no, they aren’t the Koch brothers.

They are the Fanjul brothers of Florida. They own a near-monopoly on Florida sugar production. They are also complicit in the drying up of the Florida Everglades, since Everglades land is mighty good for producing (and burning) sugar cane.

Oh, and they have also re-introduced slavery in South Florida, by busting labor unions and importing a whole bunch of immigrant labor. A good number of those”immigrants” had best not complain about their working conditions-or else.

And for all of their evils, they get GUBMINT price props. How could this be?

Debbie could probably explain that to you, since she regularly joins with the worst Rushpubliscums in Florida to protect the Fanjul brothers from ever having to face any consequences. The Fanjuls have poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into Wasserman-Schultz’s campaigns for Congress, and they’ll no doubt pour even more money in now that Citizens United has made it legal for them to do so. And in return for their payoffs contributions, Debbie will continue to make sure that their monopoly faces no outside competition, especially from Cuba. DWS has been instrumental in keeping the US embargo on Cuba intact, and even a child could figure out why.

The Fanjul brothers are every bit as rotten and dangerous as the Koch brothers ever thought about being, but don’t expect to see anyone complaining about THEM. Not when they have the Chairperson of the DNC in their pocket.

Yes, the Fanjul brothers own a big chunk of DWS, but their ownership isn’t completely exclusive. They sublet DWS from time to time, as the private-prison corporation CCA could attest to. Yes, the Chairperson of the DNC lobbied HARD for a CCA private detention center for immigrants who fall out of favor with the Fanjul brothers. In this contentious election year, when immigration is going to be a wedge issue, any decent Rushpubliscum politician could vaporize dem credibility on the issue by pointing out DWS’s collaboration with CCA. Of course, that won’t happen, since CCA sublets a lot of Rushpubliscum politicians from the Koch brothers. But, an unlikely scenario of an honest Rushpubliscum politician in south Florida would certainly lead to a lot of people asking questions. Questions like, WHY is a CCA stooge the Chairperson of the DNC?

DWS said a couple of weeks ago that the Walker recall election would have “no significance” on the national Democratic strategy. And she might be right about that, since Ohio had no significance as regards the national Rushpubliscum strategy. But she could also be wrong, way wrong. While she and the DNC pooh-poohed the Walker recall as a local affair, the RNC treated it as a must-win, and tuned up their apparatus for later deployment on a national scale. The failure of the DNC to devote even perfunctory resources to the Wisconsin effort may well come back to bite them in the ass later, as millions of demoralized potential dem voters are going to be treated to endless weeks of MSM “analysis” that will ultimately “prove” that Walker is the kind of politician Americans want (and, of course, they dismissed Ohio as a local issue. But they won’t do the same thing with Wisconsin.) Still, though, I can see why DWS might not think that Walker was THAT big a deal, since she is more or less the same kind of politician Walker is. I’m sure she sees Scooter as a political opponent, but a good guy otherwise.

HER kind of guy.

I have not donated a dime to the DNC this year, and I will not donate a dime to the DNC as long as DWS remains at the helm. She is every bit as much of a problem for this country as any Rushpubliscum politician is.

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