Terry Branstad, Above the Law

In what will come as a shock to absolutely no one conscious, yet another Klanbagger from the “Wave of 2010″ has been revealed as a contemptuous scofflaw who has no use for the rules the rest of us live by. And this one is particularly dangerous. I wouldn’t like to be on the highway with this clown and his bullet SUV. It could turn out to be the last time I was on the highway, ever. And of course, I’d better not actually say anything about it even if I do observe it. Terry doesn’t like whiners.


Gov. Terry Branstad said the firing of a state agent who complained about the governor’s speeding SUV not getting a ticket was “a fair and just decision” although one not connected with his office in any way.

Branstad made the remarks during a Thursday news conference he called in response to the Wednesday firing of former Division of Criminal Investigation Special Agent Larry Hedlund.

Hedlund complained to supervisors in April that a vehicle carrying the governor and lieutenant governor was not ticketed even though it was clocked going 84 mph as it traveled on U.S. Route 20 between Fort Dodge and Cedar Rapids. He was suspended in May and fired this week for what officials at the department say are incidents unrelated to that particular complaint.

Hedlund’s attorney, Thomas Duff of Des Moines, said his client had other issues with management but the speeding complaint was, apparently, the last straw for the administration. Duff plans to sue the state for wrongful termination.

We’ve heard this one before. It’s a variation of the excuse Darrell Issa was using for not releasing all the IRS transcripts. You remember that, right? The big, big SCANDAL! that turned out to have been a complete pile of fabricated bullshit once Elijah Cummings released the testimony unselectively (as opposed to Issa’s bleeding little bits and pieces here and there to reinforce the lie he was telling.) I believe Branstad should make the entire report available to Hedlund’s lawyer at once. I’ve got a feeling we’ll learn a lot.

Nah… we won’t really LEARN anything. We’ll just have our suspicions verified. And I’m pretty sure Branstad understands this all too well.



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