These women are refugees. They are fleeing fighting. A de facto civil war.

That de facto civil war is raging in Assam. In India. Where more and more American companies are processing your medical, banking, and credit records.

Riots break out in India as regularly as Rushpubliscums tell lies in the US. The place is a mix of ethnic and religious sectarianism that never was meant to live together peacefully, and will not. Especially now that unemployment is rising, and a whole bunch of college-educated young men can find neither a job or a wife (female infanticide has probably left an imbalance in the tens of millions between Indian men and young women.)

It’s a powder keg that will blow sky high. And when it does, I wonder…. how badly will it hurt us? Will we not be able to get lab readings? Will we die in the hospital because no one can find our medical histories anymore? Will planes stop flying?

Stay tuned. This is a story that almost certainly has a nasty ending, more likely than not in the near term.


Indian authorities are rushing more troops to northeastern Assam state to quell ethnic violence that has killed more than 40 people over the past week.

The violence pits members of the ethnic Bodo community against Muslim settlers.

Assam’s Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi was meeting Bodo and Muslim leaders Thursday in an effort to defuse the tense situation and restore peace.

More than 200,000 people have fled their homes. They are crammed into some 125 relief camps set up in schools and government buildings.

Yes, in that “biggest democracy in the world” that Rushpubliscums claim is a swell place to keep your financial records, 200,000 people are presently refugees. And that’s just in Assam. If you start looking at places like Jammu and Kashmir, and Punjab, you can rest assured that there are hundreds of thousands more.

The truth of the matter is that the plight of the poor in India has never been worse than it is now, and there are most certainly more poor people in India than ever before. People with no out and no hope tend to turn to hatred and violence a lot more often than people who can live their lives with a little dignity.

“Free” trade is doing little for the vast majority of Indians, and exposing us to some very real risks. About the only thing “free” trade has done is to improve the lives of a sliver of India’s population. As most historians will attest, that’s normally the cause of collapse. Collapse doesn’t come when everyone is destitute-it comes when a whole lot of people look around, see some people doing fine, and get the idea that they deserve a piece of the pie, too.

The standard of living for most Indians is comparable to that of places like North Korea. Unlike North Korea, however, Indians do not generally share a singular ethnic or cultural heritage. Things will unravel a lot faster in India as a result, because there are people on the ground to hate.

I wonder if any other places in the world are like that?

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