Many have asked for one. Many have wondered about a lot of the terms we use in the publication of Reconstitution. This is for you.

Chimpy-Also called the moronic monkey, El Shrubbo del Estupido, the pResident, the Boy Blunder, various other terms usually consisting of four letters. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Chimpy looks like a chimp, and clearly does NOT function at the level of a human. Actually, he clearly doesn’t function on a chimp’s level either. But he does look like one.

Shooter-That lawyer blasting, draft-dodging drunkard who Stalinized the office of Vice President. Never an intelligent man, a failure at any business venture he ever stuck his toes in, and a completely despicable excuse for a human being. Why install a pacemaker where no heart exists?

Der Rovesmarschall-Also called the Corpulent Corrupter and The Puppeteer. A criminal to his bones, there is no law that can’t be broken in the furtherance of his cause. His cause, by all appearances, is enriching himself and his cronies. No other causes can be found in his portfolio.

Electrode Al-a hat tip to his love of extra-judiciary torture as a legitimate interrogation method. He created a Hell on Earth in the Texas Juvenile Justice system, which appears to have been a test-bed for the philosophy he’d bring with him to Washington. As both White House Counsel and Attorney General, this smirking little punk never wavered in his affection for the mistreatment of other human beings. He also advocated spying on them without warrants, detaining them without charges, and killing them without explanations.

Condoliesalot Rice-A slight change in name, for truth-in-advertising purposes. Also known as The Vaporware Secretary of State. Allegedly brilliant, she has yet to show any of her rumored intelligence in any position she’s held up till now.

2008 UPDATE: Courtesy of the Israelis, she is also now known as Lecondel Rice. From the Hebrew:

Lecondel means to run around and get nothing done. The word is named after Condoleezza Rice’s inability to keep her promise to bring peace to the Middle East through meetings and such.

Did you get your honeydo list done today?

nah, I spent the day lecondelling.

Oxy-Moron- Also sometimes referred to as El Rushed-Bo. Pill-popping lover of underaged Dominican prostitutes, taker of unprescribed controlled substances, and liar of infinite capacities. This guy took talk radio right to the gutter, and in the gutter it stays.

Slanthead-A co-prevaricator with Oxy-Moron. In some markets, his lies are now selling better than Oxy-Moron’s.

Halliburton Cash Cows-before the Chimperial era began in 2001, these facilities were known as VA Medical Centers. Also sometimes called Rat Hovels, Roach Motels, Mold Laboratories, and Dungeons.

Skeletor- The DHS Secretary. Given name is Michael Chertoff.

Stepnfetchit Reid and Nanny Pelosi-Pretty self-explanatory to anyone who’s been watching how they have rolled over for the moronic monkey. Chimpy didn’t need those Goppers in Congress after all, did he?

Drop by often. New terms will be added as needed.

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