(Preface originally written in 2006) This is  a blog originally launched in late 2003 as “JollyBlog” on b2evolution. It was named Reconstiitution right after the disaster that befell the United States in early November, 2004. I felt that the time had come to return us to that which made this country a viable and vibrant free society. To get back there from here will not only require our adherence to our Constitution-it will require rethinking America in almost all of its aspects. Hence, Reconstitution.

I am your original author and host. I am joined by the venerable ascap_scab, with an appearance here and there by the venerable Jim Burke.

In December, 2010,  acknowledging the supposed Democratic President’s bowing and scraping for the billionaires of the right-wing Plutocracy established by his Rushpubliscum predecessor, the Reconstitution name was dropped in favor of Plutocrap. The new name is a perfect moniker for the times we find ourselves in.

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