The photograph of the reactors in Japan aren’t the images we were taught to expect, growing up during the Cold War. We were taught that nuclear death would come with a blinding flash, the heat of a sun, and the wind of a million hurricanes. Then, the radiation would finish the poor slobs who survived the initial blast.
Take a close look at these buildings. They are every bit as deadly as a bomb. Perhaps more deadly, since a bomb creates it’s isotopes in an instant. These mortally wounded machines will create radioisotopes for many years to come.
This is much worse than Chernobyl.

There is so much going on in the world right now, it may seem like this is not the most pressing issue. It may seem that the situation is improving and the worst is past. Everything is OK.

It isn’t OK. If you click on the image it will give you a more detailed view. Reactors are very complicated machines. They require constant care and maintenance by highly skilled professionals. The physics of their operation are unforgiving.

These machines are heavily damaged. Not only will they never operate safely again, they might not even be able to approach some of those units ever again.

The worst beast of all four is the second unit from the left, just to the right of the smoke stack. It’s the one with the white steam coming out. That is unit 3, the MOX fuel unit. It utilizes a reprocessed plutonium fuel mixture. Plutonium is the worst stuff ever created and the only reason it exists on earth is because we created it. It does not occur naturally on this planet.

That reactor unit’s support systems and structures have been completely destroyed. The steam rising out of it is full of Iodine and Xenon isotopes. When it exploded, plutonium was released into the nearby environment.

The other three units are not in much better shape. Unit 4, first on the left, was shut down. However, it’s used fuel was stored on the top of the building. How does the top of the building look now? Spent fuel is just as nasty as the stuff in the reactor core, and that unit’s spent fuel is open to the air and also releasing Plutonium. Unit 2, third from the left, is leaking contaminated water into the ocean. Unit 1, on the far right, is emitting gamma bursts and short lived isotopes indicating that it is still at least partially operational and not shut down. Nobody knows what that thing is going to do next.

One thing is certain. None of the experts know exactly what will happen until they physically inspect each reactor vessel. No one has been able to get to any of the reactor rooms since the Tsunami, so when they tell you they know what is going on they are not being truthful. Anyone who was even able to get near those reactor cores through the physical damage is dead.

Everything I have learned studying statistics and engineering tell me that more people will die over the next 20 years from the destruction of these machines than have died or will die in the three wars we are fighting right now. More people will die from the destruction of these machines than the shut down of the government, astronomically high deficits, a corrupt corporate state, and probably all the auto accidents for a decade.

Right now, the attention of the entire world should be focused on North East Japan. If there is a great Satan loose on Earth, you can see it right there.

Isn’t it funny that it doesn’t look all that dangerous? You could almost believe the reports that everything will be OK.

It’s not OK.

We are in very deep trouble.

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