If you don’t think the Rushpubliscums have gone completely off their rockers yet, this ought to convince you.

Kland Paul is one candidate that will ensure a near-total turnout of the coalition that elected this President in 2008. This guy is extremely offensive to just about everyone save the knuckle-draggers of Kentucky, who are a majority. Kland Paul will have a whole lot of trouble assembling enough knuckle-draggers elsewhere to make his candidacy a workable deal.

Whatever. The 2012 cycle will be most entertaining with Bachmann, Mama Grifter, Newt, and Kland Paul in the running. And we all need to be entertained.


Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., visited Charleston Monday to talk about his possible presidential bid, how to rein in the national debt and the current military action in Libya.

Paul, a tea party favorite who won his Senate seat last fall, is visiting several early presidential voting states independently of his father, 2008 presidential contender and current U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas.

“The only decision I’ve made is I won’t run against my dad,” Rand Paul said.

He has upcoming trips planned to Iowa and New Hampshire, in part, he said, because “I want the tea party to have an influence over who the nominee is in 2012.”

Paul said he favors a balanced budget amendment and restructuring Social Security and Medicare to increase the age when future benefits will kick in and to limit benefits to those who have relatively more income. Paul said he is working with Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., on Social Security reform.

Paul also expressed skepticism about the wisdom of the current U.S. military involvement in Libya, particularly when the nation’s forces are engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan. “I’m not sure we need to be involved in a third war,” he said. “You should ask the question, ‘Is Libya a threat to our national security?’ I’d like to have that debate.”


Well, I agree with the old Klanner on one thing, at least. He couldn’t be more right about Libya.

The problem is, he couldn’t be more wrong on just about everything else.


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