I think most everyone is aware of Mama Grifter’s penchant for shooting wolves from airplanes, a despicable and unnecessary method of culling a wolf population that (1.) doesn’t need all that much culling, and (2.) is liable to go into freefall if people are allowed to blast away at them from helicopters, and (3.) more often than not results in a wounding rather than a killing, meaning that the animal is left to die a slow and agonizing death.

Certainly, the practice is a cruel one to be practiced on anything. Unless you happen to be Klansas Klanservative Virgil Peck, who thinks that aerial shooting is just a wonderful idea for dealing with those nasty damn brown hordes from south of the border. Virgil is ready to gas up the plane, load up the AK, and go shoot him some brown vermin!

I’m quite certain, sadly, that Peck’s constituents couldn’t be prouder of him.


As the House Appropriations Committee discussed how to control the wild hog population in the state, Peck said, “if shooting these immigrating feral hogs works, maybe we have found a (solution) to our illegal immigration problem.”


Gov. Sam Brownback among many others properly said Peck should apologize.


And he did, on Tuesday.


Too late: His remarks already have been distributed around the nation, even the world, appearing in the Los Angeles Times and other publications or media websites.


Peck says he was joking. Doesn’t everybody after they say something so reprehensible and ignorant?


But his comment is right in line with the hateful talk often directed at illegal immigrants – and often with impunity from elected officials.


Peck said many of his constituents are upset with illegal immigrants. In a way, that explanation didn’t wash with his “it’s all just a joke” excuse for his boorish comments Monday.


Maybe Peck was simply saying what he’s heard many times on the campaign trail. Maybe some of his constituents think it would be all right to wing a few illegal immigrants, to send them a message that they ought to get out of Kansas.


I think it’s a pretty damned good idea for anyone with a functioning brain to get the hell out of Klansas. And people are doing just that; in spite of a relatively low population density, Klansas continues to lose more people than other dens of rot and decline like Ohio and Michigan. As a matter of fact, Klansas would have been a huge loser in the last census without those damn brown hordes Virgil Peck despises so much. And this in spite of the fact that Klansas, if anything, ought to be booming, since the place is infested with those “pro-business” Rushpubliscum legislators.

Legislators like Virgil Peck.

I wonder what would happen if they stopped burning crosses long enough to address the economy?

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