The other day, I told you about an Apologist Press hatchet job designed to bolster the fortunes of Pharaoh Walker and Czar Kashitch I, and to denigrate the unions that the aforementioned tyrants are determined to destroy.

The Apologist Press article was titled Anger brews over government workers’ benefits, and it was a load. The Apologist Press, in their perpetual role as the propaganda arm of the right wing, repeated the Kashitch/Walker lie that their respective bills were about getting union employees to make concessions, which the unions had ALREADY AGREED to do. The AP article barely touched on the ACTUAL reason for the outrage among unionized workers, which is the stripping of their collective bargaining rights. And to ice the cake, it seems the Apologist Press could only find Klanbaggers and Klanbagger sympathizers to interview for their story. Is the AP story representative of how Americans feel about the power grab by these tyrannical corporate shills?

No, of course it isn’t; you know and I know that the American people are waking up to0 the bullshit. Poll after poll reveals a truth the Apologist Press just can’t seem to find anywhere. So in the interests of helping this supposed news organization figure out what Americans are REALLY thinking about the union-busting shenanigans of Walker and Kashitch, I present this new poll, featured on the Bloomberg website.

Any AP “reporter” who see this can skip thanking me. I’m just trying to help.


Americans reject Republican efforts to curb bargaining rights of unions whose power they say is dwarfed by corporations, a Bloomberg National Poll finds.

As battles rage between state workers and Republican governors in Wisconsin and Ohio, 63 percent don’t think states should be able to break their promises to retirees, and respondents split over whether governors aim to balance their budgets or weaken unions that back Democratic foes, according to the poll conducted March 4-7.

The poll shows that political challenges to government workers are failing to draw broad support from a public more concerned about unemployment than government deficits. Respondents are divided over whether public employees should sacrifice to help states ease their fiscal crises: About half say governors are unfairly targeting unions and 46 percent say public employees should be willing to accept benefit cuts. The fracture largely reflects party lines.

“The Republican Party sees an opportunity to attack and possibly destroy the base of their opponents’ political power,” says poll respondent Dale Palmer, 59, a Democrat and retired teacher from Zephyrhills, Florida.

Palmer says budget deficits are a result of the economy and years of tax cuts, not the actions of public employees. “They’re putting it now on the backs of their enemies even when these particular unions are willing to bargain,” he says.


So, AP: got it yet? We know what the story ACTUALLY is, and we know that the unions have offered concessions. 2 out of 3 of us DO NOT approve of the union-busting being conducted by the Czar and the Pharaoh.

And until the AP can actually tell the truth, they shouldn’t expect to be taken very seriously. Really, this would be a wonderful time for some ACTUAL news services to crank up, but…. the corporations that own all broadcast media would make sure that someone telling the truth never got an audience anyhow.

I guess that leaves us with foreign sources, blogs, and semi-independent venues like Bloomberg.

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