They’re hard at it, trying to help Walker, Kashitch, and the Koch brothers succeed in their efforts to bust up public sector unions.

If you click on this link, you’ll come away thinking that nearly everyone is up in arms about the lavish pay and lucrative pensions of public employees. You’ll even see a Klanbagger or two quoted.

You’ll also see that public service isn’t all that great a deal in the here and now, which is one of the reasons they have a fairly decent pension system-but that’s buried way down in the article. Most people who read this story won’t bother going that far down, because the premise of the story seems to be solidified with the “person on the street” interviews done before you get to that point.

What do you only see one line about? Well, that would be about how Americans overwhelmingly side with the public sector unions. That most Americans understand that this isn’t about cost cutting, but rather, about smashing unions in general. For some reason or other, the Apologist Press decided to ignore THAT part of American sentiment, and instead, they repeat the same lies that Pharaoh Walker and Czar Kashitch are constantly repeating. Really, if you read this article, you’ll come away from it thinking that the only dispute is about public sector employee contributions to their pension and healthcare expenses, and not at all about the stripping away of collective bargaining rights.

Now, really…. how can it be that the Apologist Press could be so sloppy? I could probably round up a group of third-graders and come up with a more accurate, and more balanced, story.

If I could do it, I have to wonder why the Apologist Press can’t. Even worse, they seem to have had this trouble for a long time now. Why I remember how, in the run-up to Chimpy’s Oedipal war, you’d have thought that the entire territory of Iraq was awash in mustard gas, from the Apologist Press articles coming out back then. Strange, that was. And just as strange, is THIS.

Maybe they better stick to covering Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen, because they sure as hell don’t seem to be able to present any actual news with any degree of accuracy.

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