Those Rushpubliscums are SERIOUS about cutting the budget.

They aim to defund anything that might help any poor person, or any WOMAN, ‘cuz we can’t afford it. Pollution conteol? Water safety? Too EXPENSIVE! They also aim to reduce teachers, police officers, and firefighters to the status of serfs, ‘cuz we can’t afford to pay THEM, either.

But, you’ll be happy to knoe that the Rushpubliscum Party does recognize some things as too important to our society to cut. Yes, there are things that the Rushpubliscums are willing to spend tax money on that don’t have to do with a billionaire or a missile.

And here’s one of those things.

The House of Representatives has been cutting like crazy! Down with Planned Parenthood and PBS! We can’t afford to worry about mercury contamination! Safety nets are too expensive!

But keep your hands off the Defense Department’s budget to sponsor Nascar racers.

“It’s a great public/private partnership,” said Representative Rodney Frelinghuysen, a New Jersey Republican.

The Defense Department claims racecar sponsorships are an important recruiting tool for the Army. The House agreed — although this might be news to the Navy and Marines, which decided a while back that a Nascar presence wasn’t worth the money.

“What makes U.S. Army’s motorsports initiatives successful?” Ryan Newman, driver of No. 39 U.S. Army Chevrolet asked his Facebook readers as he urged a show of support for the program. “In a 2009 study among fans nationwide, 37% feel more positive about the Army due to its involvement in motorsports.”

Let’s stop right here and think about this posting. Is it likely that racing fans would think less of the Army for sponsoring racecars? Actually, wouldn’t you expect the percentage to be higher? Also, how many of you believe Ryan Newman actually wrote those sentences. Can I see a show of hands?

Representative Betty McCollum of Minnesota, who sponsored an amendment eliminating the military’s Nascar connection, said it could save taxpayers “tens of millions of dollars.” She got a flood of angry letters and one death threat. Also, her amendment was rejected, 148 to 281. The opponents didn’t bother with much debate. “This amendment is about politics in certain districts for certain groups of people,” said Representative Patrick McHenry of North Carolina, a tad obliquely.

Sure….. get rid of Grandma’s Social Security checks, but I’ll KILL you if you even TALK about cutting spending on NASCAR!!!

And, yet again, we see why I find it impossible to take Rushpubliscums seriously. These people are children, with no sense of responsibility, no sense of decency, no sense of morality…. no sense. I think that sums it all up. Two easy words that ought to be the dem campaign slogan in 2012.

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