The MSM did what they could.

They papered over, ignored, and masked a lot of things.

You’d never have known from any of our network “news” outlets that “Junket John” Boehner is a drunk. Or that he’s been a flea living off his lobbyist hosts for 20 years. Or that the only reason he’s got the job he has right now is his second-to-none ability to extract money from those lobbyists. Or that the guy stays too sauced to keep even a reasonable facade over his Klanbagger Kaukus.

You’d also never have seen in any “news” broadcast that Pharaoh Walker of Wisconsin is a dangerous extremist with a Napoleonic complex. Or that Czar Kashitch I is about as corrupt and elitist as any politician ever has been. No, in our “news” broadcasts, these guys were repeatedly presented as independent, reasonable kinds of guys who were interested only in the best way to move forward.

Find me even one “news” broadcast of the last year that even suggested that as soon as the Rushpubliscums managed to ensconce themselves in the House and in a few Governors’ Mansions that they’d immediately set out to completely defund any program that helps poor people. Can any of you recall Katie Couric warning that these pus sacks intended to reduce women to the status of property? Or how about that Charlie Gibson broadcast, warning that these Klanbagger Rushpubliscums aim for nothing less than to totally break the backs of their opposition, like the Nazis did in 1933?

Of COURSE you don’t remember any of that, because it never happened. A few of us lonely souls were screaming about it from the sidelines, because WE knew that the Klanbaggers were extremists. We knew that these idiots would immediately try to implement their vision of a third-world theocratic dictatorship. We knew it because, unlike our media, we were actually listening to what these assholes were saying when a camera WASN’T around. We understood all too well that the so-called “grassroots” Klanbagger movement was actually a contrived group of extremists, rounded up and put to work by a few corporate elites that believed that they could use Klanbagger racism and hatred to further their agenda of total control of society.

We saw it. But the MSM never did. And there’s a reason for that. The reason is that the MSM is largely owned by the same people who own the Klanbaggers. The MSM has the same interests the Koch brothers have in making people believe that the Klanbaggers are a “spontaneous” movement of people angry at “GUBMINT overreach.”

Well, guess what? We have plenty of overreach NOW, don’t we? And what is our MSM doing? Yeah. They’re underreporting, and outright downplaying, a REAL spontaneous movement of people who are pouring into the streets to try to combat the extremist agenda of the Rushpubliscum Klanbagger Party. This is why none of us, anywhere, can ever again wait for the media in this country to tell us the truth about ANYTHING. While they “report” on the latest heist by Lindsay Lohan, people like Kashitch and Walker will be trying to pull off heists of their own.

This time, the MSM and the elites who control them overreached, having failed to sufficiently indoctrinate their Midwestern targets. Their next grab will undoubtedly be some place where they’ve gotten the job done. People better be ready for it.

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