Yeah, the Klanbaggers are sure all about “freedom” and “progress.” Here’s a perfect example.

Scott Walker of Wisconsin has decided that Wisconsin state workers don’t deserve to have any rights. And just in case any of those workers might not get his point, he’s ready to deploy storm troopers to beat it into their heads.

I thought the biggest idiots in the country were the Buckeyes who voted for Kasich. It turns out I may have been just a hair hasty in my judgment.

Wisconsin’s new Republican governor has set a new benchmark in fraying state-union relations in the wake of massive GOP victories in the November elections.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Scott Walker proposed stripping nearly all government workers of their collective bargaining rights. And as a warning shot across the bow, he told Wisconsin reporters Friday that he’s alerted the National Guard ahead of any unrest, or in the event that state services are interrupted. Under his plan, which he’ll include in his forthcoming budget proposal, most state workers would no longer be able to negotiate for better pensions or health benefits or anything other than higher salaries, which couldn’t rise at a quicker pace than the Consumer Price Index.

According to the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer “The proposal would effectively remove unions’ right to negotiate in any meaningful way. Local law enforcement and fire employees, as well as state troopers and inspectors would be exempt.”

He also says this plan is non-negotiable — as in, he’s cut off negotiations with prison guards, teachers and other state workers.

Walker’s casting the move as a part of a broader need to tighten the state’s fiscal belt. But it would basically turn Wisconsin into a right-to-work state overnight.

To get it done, he’ll need the help of the newly Republican state legislature. Republicans have a 19-14 majority in the state Senate and a 60-38-1 edge in the state Assembly. The question is whether this plan goes too far even for the Republican legislature — but he’s pushing them to pass the plan quickly.

I don’t think he’ll have much trouble. With that many Rushpubliscums in the Legislature, he could demand that any dissenting worker be shot on sight, and he’d likely get the votes he needed to get the bill through.

Oh, Egyptians, we could sure use some of your fortitude right now.

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