Kland Paul is about as vicious a product as the Tea Klux Klan Party ever produced. His animosity to the poor and minorities are undoubtedly the two biggest reasons the 47th poorest state in the country (famous for voting to slit their own throats) elected him to the Senate.

But Kland Paul is no automaton. He quite openly frets about our wars, has some fairly radical ideas about the legalization of drugs…… and wants to end our propping up of Israel’s military, a downright radical notion among the Jesusistani Klanservative Bible-thumpers of the Tea Klux Klan Party.

I doubt, however, that Paul’s idea will get much traction. After all, the MSM has said almost nothing about it…

New Republican senator Rand Paul, a Tea Party star, has already informed representatives of AIPAC, the pro-Israeli lobby in Washington, that he and they will have to agree to disagree on aid to Israel. His ability to push legislation through will be limited, because the Republicans are still a minority in the new Senate. But Paul is liable to ignite a public debate on the aid to Israel. He is liable to stress, for example, that Israel is not some starving country, but a global gas giant that continues to rely on US charity. Israel will not profit from a campaign like that.

Doubtless Israel enjoys, and will continue to enjoy, strong support in Congress, but when things are being said about damage to Social Security, for example, legislators are liable to come to the conclusion that their own needy come first.

We’ll see, won’t we? Mama Grifter and Michele Bachmann (2 heads of the Klanbagger Hydra) insist that we can’t cut so much as a dime of our military spending. So the reaction to Pasul’s heresies has yet to be played out.

It is amazing to me that a Klanbagger has even one decent idea, though. If Paul keeps this shit up, they may pull his bags.

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