A tin-hatter, I’m not. I find a lot of the most popular conspiracy theories to be laughable. But here’s one I’m not laughing about.

Click on this link, and go read what the Russian GRU has allegedly discovered about all those dead birds in Louisiana and Arkansas. I do not profess to know if this is true, but I most certainly DO say that the story makes sense, when nothing else seemingly does. There are few reasons for millions of birds to suddenly fall out of the sky, but this is definitely within the realm of reasons why such a thing would happen.

The Russian Version of Mama Grifter, Anna Chapman, notwithstanding, the Russians still have a pretty solid intelligence service. I’m definitely inclined to give this story some weight (I have not reposted any of it for two reasons: I get sniffed a lot by the Federales, and I think that everyone really ought to go read this article.)  We already know for sure that our “land of the free” Government isn’t above just about anything, so how can we dismiss this story, knowing what we know to be true?

Anyway…. check it out. I’m interested in what you think.

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