As you are probably aware, the new BFF team of Bushack Obama and Mooch McConnell are attending his signing of the Great Cash Give Away to the Rich and Social Security Gutting Act of 2010.

Together. Because in adopting the agenda of the extreme right wing, the President has finally found a way to be “bipartisan” with his new buddies. So now his pals will hang out with him.

Yes, Bushack Obama promises to revisit this in 2012, but does anyone really think he’s going to do it? He’s made a LOT of promises, maybe as many as Chimpy made and broke during his entire 8 year Reign of Error. I haven’t done any counting, but I wouldn’t be surprised in the least.

Given that this so-called “Democrat” and “Constitutional law professor” has turned his back on both the Democratic Party ideals and the United States Constitution, the “Reconstitution” name for this blog didn’t seem to fit the times anymore.

So I changed it to something more fitting. Reconstitution, and the hope that was a part of it, is dead. Now, in recognition of the one-party Plutocracy that is the United States of America, I less than proudly welcome you to Plutocrap. I hope that, in 2012, maybe I’ll feel confident enough to change the name of the blog again, but I’ll tell you…. I doubt it. A lot.

Doubt is about the only thing left that you can believe in. I believe that stripping millions of suffering people of the “HOPE” that he sold them on may wind up being the greatest crime of the regime of Bushack HW Obama, when it is all said and done.

As for those of you who are still making excuses for this clown, just wait. You’ll be eating out of garbage cans in a few years when Social Security is a pleasant memory that your grandparents told you about. That is, if you don’t get sick and die first because healthcare “reform” left holes big enough to throw millions of unfortunate Americans through.

Plutocrap isn’t change you can believe in, but it is reality you can be sure of.

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