The moronic monkey was scared to death of having bullets fired at him back when he was a young man, so he got Daddy to stick him in the Texas Air National Guard. Sure, he didn’t show up at any of the TANG training sessions, but that’s because he was busy doing his own undercover investigation of the drug culture in America.

My, how BRAVE the monkey got when he got older! Chimpy developed a bloodthirstiness while he was Governor of Texas that simply could not be satisfied with strapping the occasional lout (or innocent victim) to the gurney here and there-he was so much TOUGHER than that!

Chimpy finally got a chance to really slake his bloodthirstiness when he got appointed to the Presidency in 2000. The terrorist attacks of September 11 (where Chimpy’s incompetence got him his first big score of American blood) inspired Chimpy to spill blood as few have been able to do since the end of World War II. Chimpy cranked up a war in Iraq based on utterly fabricated bullshit about non-existent “threats” that delivered up thousands of dead American kids. Indeed, Chimpy was able to surpass even the September 11 attackers, for reasons every bit as valid as the ones THEY had for THEIR carnage!

But it could have been more. So much more. And Chimpy really regrets that he didn’t get the chance to spill American blood on a scale befitting his sadistic pathologies.

Why should George W. Bush have been “angry” to learn in late 2007 of the unanimous judgment of all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies that Iran had stopped working on a nuclear weapon four years earlier? Seems to me he might have said “Hot Dog!” rather than curse under his breath.

Nowhere in his memoir, Decision Points, is Bush’s bizarre relationship to truth so manifest as when he describes his dismay at learning that the intelligence community had redeemed itself for its lies about Iraq by preparing an honest Estimate that stuck a rod in the wheels of the juggernaut rolling toward war with Iran.

Nowhere is Bush’s abiding conviction clearer, now as then, that his role as “decider” included the ability to create his own reality.

The Fawning Corporate Media (FCM) has missed that part of the book. And hundreds of Dallas “sheriffs,” assembled to protect the decorum at the Bush library groundbreaking last week, kept us hoi polloi well out of presidential earshot.

But someone should ask Bush why he was not relieved, rather than angered, to learn from a National Intelligence Estimate that Iran had had no active nuclear weapons program since 2003. Also, one might ask why Bush thought Israel should have been “furious with the United States over the NIE.”

It seems likely that Bush actually dictated this part of the book himself.  For, in setting down his reaction to the NIE on Iran, he confirmed the insight that Dr. Justin Frank, M.D., who teaches psychiatry at George Washington University Hospital, gave us veteran intelligence officers into how Bush comes at reality — or doesn’t.

“His pathology is a patchwork of false beliefs and incomplete information woven into what he asserts is the whole truth… He lies — not just to us, but to himself as well… What makes lying so easy for Bush is his contempt — for language, for law, and for anybody who dares question him…. So his words mean nothing. That is very important for people to understand.” [See’s “Dangers of a Cornered Bush.”]

When the NIE on Iran came out in 2007, Bush may have pined for his sycophant-in-chief, former CIA Director George Tenet, who had shepherded the bogus Iraq-WMD analysis through the process in 2002 but had resigned in 2004 when his role in the deceptions had become obvious.

Tenet and his CIA cronies had been expert at preparing estimates-to-go — to go to war, that is. They had proved themselves worthy rivals of the other CIA, the Culinary Institute of America, in cooking intelligence for the White House menu.

On Iraq, they had distinguished themselves by their willingness to conjure up “intelligence” that Senate Intelligence Committee chair Jay Rockefeller described as “uncorroborated, unconfirmed, and nonexistent,” after a five-year review by his panel. (That finding was no news to any attentive observer, despite Herculean — and largely successful — efforts by the FCM to promote drinking the White House Kool-Aid.)

What is surprising in the case of Iran is the candor with which George W. Bush explains his chagrin at learning of the unanimous judgment of the intelligence community that Iran had not been working on a nuclear weapon since late 2003.

That was certainly not what the Israelis and their neoconservative allies in Washington had been telling the White House — and not what President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney were dutifully proclaiming to the rest of us.

Bush lets it all hang out in Decision Points. He complains bitterly that the NIE “tied my hands on the military side.” He notes that the Estimate opened with this “eye-popping” finding of the intelligence community:

“We judge with high confidence that in fall 2003, Tehran halted its nuclear weapons program.”

The former president adds that the “NIE’s conclusion was so stunning that I felt it would immediately leak to the press.” He writes that he authorized declassification of the key findings “so that we could shape the news stories with the facts.” Facts?

The mind boggles at the thought that Bush actually thought the White House, even with the usual help from an ever-obliging FCM, could put a positive spin on intelligence conclusions that let a meretricious cat out of the bag, that the Bush administration’s case for war against Iran was as flimsy as its bogus case for invading Iraq.

Poor monkey. He obviously yearned to join the ranks of the men he admired so much-not penny-ante pussies like Saddam Hussein, but the REALLY great ones. Stalin, Pol Pot, Kim Jong Il, Ivan the Terrible, and of course his grandpappy’s pal Hitler-THESE were guys who KNEW how to get the job done!

The MSM tried hard to help Chimpy with his murderous agendas-but alas, he was thwarted, stabbed in the back by a bunch of losers who wouldn’t listen to reason. That has got to be haunting him, now that he’s swinging from the chandeliers in Dallas.

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