FOX “News” loves to brag about how they are on top.

Indeed, they are on top, but that “top” is getting smaller and smaller.

It isn’t hard to figure out why. Most of us under the age of senility have figured out that the American media is nothing but corporate gasbags spewing bullshit, which leaves an older and older demographic that FOX and the other cable “news” outlets have to divide among themselves. The thing about that demographic, of course, is that it gets smaller every time one of them dies, and their ranks aren’t being replaced by younger viewers, who either understand that it’s all pretty much bullshit, or don’t think (or care) about politics anyway.

Perhaps FOX “News” shouldn’t be so anxious to scare the piss out of people all the time. Only Dog knows how many of their viewers they’ve scared to death already.

In the cable-news race, Fox News Channel was No. 1 for the third quarter of 2010. Fox News had 13 of the top 15 programs in total viewers. Fox has been tops for 35 straight quarters.

Yet there wasn’t a lot of reason for joy in the cable-news world because most channels lost viewers.

In prime time, Fox News averaged 1.83 million viewers. But that number was down from 2.25 million in the third quarter last year.

MSNBC was second with 687,000 viewers — down from 788,000 last year.

CNN averaged 512,000 viewers — down from 946,000 last year.

HLN averaged 402,000 — down from 510,000.

CNBC was the lone channel that defied the slide: 194,000 viewers, up from 188,000 last year.

Here are the figures in adults 25-to-54:

1. Fox News with 443,000 — down from 583,000 in the third quarter last year

2. MSNBC with 229,000 — down from 271,000

3. CNN with 149,000 — down from 287,000

4. HLN with 128,000 — down from 193,000

Again, CNBC went against the trend. It was flat from last year with 86,000 viewers.

I sometimes watch Jon Stewart, and a little Ed, Keith, and Rachel here and there. I even force myself to sit through some Bill-O once in awhile. But I really don’t take cable “news” all that seriously. If I want to know what’s going on in the world, I generally seek out the online editions of foreign media. And I fully intend to replace my shortwave radio with a new one for the time that is surely coming when the corporatocracy starts censoring websites that tell the truth.

Till then, though, I’ll continue my viewing habits. I mainly watch true crime shows, “House,” and the Hitler Channel. But news? Nah. Never. Been there, done that, got the ruined country to prove it.

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