I got turned on to Ricky Perritt by this wonderful site, which has a most interesting bio of the Rushpubliscum State Representative wannabe.  Let’s have a look at the story of Ricky Perritt, written by someone who knows him.

I want to make this clear, I am not at this point backing any candidate for district 1 state representative, nor am I seeking any elected office. With this said, it has come to my attention that Ricky G. Perritt has filed the necessary papers with the state of Florida, and has now begun placing campaign signs up in our district seeking election to this office. While I know very little of the other candidates, I know Ricky G. Perritt very well. I will place Mr. Perritt’s website under the links tab on this website, along with the websites of the other candidates.

I will now share my knowledge of Mr. Perritt. This will be mostly parts of his life that he fails to disclose in his bio. These are facts that can be verified and proven. It is my sincere hope that the appropriate law enforcement agency will investigate the remarks I am about to make so the victims of this man can live without fear.

  • Ricky Perritt hosted several parties for his fellow Santa Rosa County Sherriff deputes where they consumed alcohol confiscated from citizens in this county, in the name of the Santa Rosa County Sherriff’s Office.
  • Ricky Perritt allowed these deputies to enter their vehicles, after the parties, and drive away intoxicated, and at the very least, under the influence with open containers.
  • Ricky Perritt used strong-arm tactics on innocent citizens of this county.
  • Ricky Perritt, in 2007, entered Sims Middle School dressed in his deputy uniform. By passing the office, Mr. Perritt approached the resource officer where he obtained the location of a student, in which he pulled out of class to have a personal conversation. Mr. Perritt’s actions here were carried out without the permission or knowledge of the young girl’s parents. When the parents confronted the school, the parent’s concerns were brushed off and the issue swept under the cover.
  • Ricky Perritt’s infidelity problems cost him his first marriage, but only after he used a joint credit card he held with his wife at the time to purchase gifts for his girlfriend. After being ordered to pay this debt by the courts, he filed bankruptcy leaving his ex-wife responsible pay for the credit card and the gifts

Sounds bad, doesn’t it? As I discovered, it doesn’t just SOUND bad-it IS bad.

Just look at the first link I got when I plugged Perritt’s name into The Google.

Ricky Perritt will be up for election in the Republican primary for state House District 1 on Aug. 24.

A day later he’s due in court on felony drug charges.

At a news conference Wednesday, Perritt put his fate in the hands of the voters.

“I believe the citizens of this district are going to make the decision,” Perritt said Wednesday at Floridatown Park in Pace.

“They need to know that I am a common man. I have never been handed anything. I have worked for everything I have ever gotten. I am in it to win. I have been slapped down and slapped around, but I am not going to quit.”

Perritt, 43, was arrested by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement on Monday on three counts of withholding information from a practitioner to obtain a controlled substance, three counts of obtaining a prescription by fraud and eight counts of trafficking in the narcotic painkiller Lortab.

He is accused of obtaining prescriptions for more than 1,200 Lortab pills over a seven month period.

Santa Rosa County Judge Robert Hilliard released Perritt on $22,000 bond on Tuesday.

Perritt did not address his guilt or innocence during his 3 1/2-minute statement at the park.

“Even if I wanted to leave the race … people have already started voting on their absentee ballots, and they’re not going to reprint and recast ballots that are already out there,” he said.

Ballots have been printed and sent to overseas voters, according to Santa Rosa County Supervisor of Elections Ann Bodenstein. However, state law allows a candidate to drop out of the race. In that case, signs indicating the departure are posted prominently at polling sites, she said.

Perritt’s arrest followed the July 21 arrest of his wife, Jennifer, on similar charges. She is free on $31,000 bond.

A frigging dope fiend, indulging in his hero Limbaugh’s favorite pastime of doctor-shopping. A Barney Fife type, lording his authority over the little people, while he is free to do whatever he wants.

In other words, a textbook Rushpubliscum. A PERFECT Florida Rushpubliscum. Every time I think they can’t find any scummier politicians in Florida, the Rushpubliscum Party shows me how wrong I am.

Hopefully, Florida voters will JUST SAY NO to this hypocritical piece of shit.

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