You got that right, sister-you sure as hell weren't born yesterday, although you're dumber than most 2 year olds.

I added this photo not just to illustrate this story, but to illustrate just how stupid the Klanbaggers are in general.

The Klanbaggers have insisted forever that healthcare reform is COMMANISM, except for when the President is being a Nazi. The irony here, of course, is that Naziism is, by its very definition, a merger of state and corporate power.

Or, in other words, exactly what these inbred tools say will fix all the ills that befall us. They, the Nazis of a new era, are too damned stupid to figure out that the MARKETS!!! they all insist are so great are the root of a lot of our problems, and ESPECIALLY our healthcare problems.

Let me show you right here what it is I speak of.

La Rosa Carrington has more than enough to worry about. She’s a single mother with two teenage daughters, she’s fighting a type of leukemia that requires five days of chemo a month for four months, and she lost her job in May.

So the last thing she needed was news that her health insurance benefits would be terminated because she hadn’t paid her premium in full. The shortfall? One penny.

“My medical bills are coming in like locusts, and you’re holding up my benefits because of one red cent?” an incredulous Carrington said from her hospital bed last week as she recalled her conversation with a customer service rep at Discovery Benefits, an employee benefits administrator based in North Dakota.

The problem started after Carrington, 52, lost her job as an admissions representative with Alta Colleges and COBRA kicked in. Under the federal COBRA law, people who lose their jobs under certain circumstances can temporarily keep their group health insurance from their employer, but they have to pick up a larger share of their premium — in her case, a little over $471.87 a month.

However, under the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, those who meet the eligibility requirements pay just 35 percent of the full COBRA premium. Because Carrington had not yet received a bill showing what her payment would be with the discount, she whipped out a calculator, figured out that she owed $165.15 a month and sent a check for that amount to Discovery Benefits.

But Discovery Benefits determined she owed $165.16, and last week, she received a letter from the company telling her she was short on her premium and her coverage “has not been reinstated with your insurance carrier(s).” The letter, however, did not tell her how much she owed. She called Discovery Benefits and was aghast when she heard the amount.

“I said, ‘Are you kidding?’ How am I going to pay you a penny’”?

Carrington said she talked twice to a customer service representative, who told her it was policy that the penny be received before the benefits could be reinstated. Write a check or send a money order, Carrington said the representative told her.

“‘I’m in the hospital receiving chemotherapy; I can’t get you a money order,’” Carrington said she told the rep. “If this is how you treat people, you need spiritual training.”

Carrington then asked to speak to a supervisor, who reiterated the company’s policy and wouldn’t budge on the penny. Carrington also threatened to take her case to the media, and that’s why she thinks the supervisor called her back with some good news: The supervisor had pulled out her own calculator, done the math — and determined that Carrington was correct.

Suzanne Rehr, executive vice president for Discovery Benefits, offered a slightly different account. She wrote in an e-mail that COBRA software rounded up from $161.1545 — which is 35 percent of $471.87 — while Carrington rounded down, and said that “our staff member reached out to her supervisor and immediately received approval to pay the penny … due to the rounding difference.”

To the average person, this should be a damning indictment of the “markets,” but the Klanbaggers only know whatever it is Dick Armey and Glenn Beck are selling them today. In the fantasy world they live in, the corporations are trying to rescue them from the GUBMINT tyranny of a pissed off darkie.

I guess it’s a good thing the majority of the Klanbaggers are on Medicare, isn’t it?

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