I really wish we could get beyond this shallow, unintelligent, money-grubbing grifter, but we simply cannot.

And we cannot, of course, because the “librul” media insists on covering every one of her money grabs like she was a real person, with real ideas.

This time, the buzz is about reporters who howled with complaints over Caribou Barbie’s tooth-pulling stupidity and got caught on an open mike doing it. The reporters had the same complaint that all sentient beings have who are forced to sit through a Caribou Barbie “speech”-dizziness, nausea, elevated levels of anger, bewilderment, and disgust. Caribou Barbie has never, and will never, say anything that makes any sense, because she’s a stupid woman. In addition to being stupid, there seems to be absolutely nothing of value to the woman either; she shamelessly uses her children as political props while claiming to be a “protective” mother, she begs for money in spite of the fact that she walked away from her job as Governor of Alaska to collect a multimillion-dollar payoff for a book she did not write, and she is interested only in herself and her time under the lights. She has never, ever had even a 5-minute press appearance where she didn’t start whining about how the “lamestream media” works overtime to portray her unfavorably, by using dirty tricks on her like asking her what her thoughts are on any given subject, how many newspapers she reads (and what their names are,) etc. She is, without argument, a dreadful excuse for a human being, and should be shunned. But thanks to that “lamestream media,” we can’t just ignore her; to ignore her is to ignore a speeding freight train coming up to the crossing. The MSM is adamantly determined to shove her down our throats, and she’s enough of a Narcissist to let them do it. Therefore, we must pay attention to what she’s up to.

Damn, I wish that librul bias in the media would assert itself, and give this stupid ditz the attention she actually deserves.

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