The disaster off the coast of Louisiana is going to be much, much worse than anybody has yet imagined it will be.

Rushpubliscum liars have already started trying to find someone else to blame. Their present talking point is that it is the President’s fault that a forceful response to the disaster wasn’t mobilized sooner. Where did they get this talking point from? The presses of BP, owners of the oil rig, and the disaster (not to mention the manslaughter of 12 men working on that sunken rig,) who claim that the President misunderestimated the seriousness of what had happened in the days following the rig explosion. Where did the President get that idea? Strangely enough, he got that idea from BP, who started out claiming that they could take care of it themselves. The President, of course, is not an oilman, so maybe, just maybe, he thought that they knew wtf they were talking about. In any case, the Rushpubliscums, who are desperate to paint the President’s response in similar terms to Chimpy’s non-response to the disaster in New Orleans, might as well STFU. They don’t, as usual, have a leg to stand on, although that good little soldier Piyush Jindal has duly adopted the BP/Rushpubliscum talking point.

Sorry, Piyush, we know the truth. We know that the Rushpubliscums are co-owners of this disaster. Thanks to Chimpy/Cheney services rendered, BP didn’t have to install a $500,000.00 fallback cap on this well-a cap that is required off the coasts of Brazil, and Venezuela, and would have stopped this disaster had it been required on American offshore oil rigs. But we didn’t do that, because the good-hearted corporations will police THEMSELVES!!! $500,000.00 is an awful lot to ask from a corporation like BP, which has seen its profits soar by triple-digit numbers during the Reign of Error, and we CAN’T ask for any extra sacrifice from the RICH! That’s COMMANISM, man!

And the worst part of this? The Rushpubliscums haven’t really learned anything from what just happened. Caribou Barbie is still repeating her “drill, baby, drill” mantras (like she did 3 days after this rig exploded,) and Newt is STILL peddling his “Drill Here, Drill Now” bullshit.

You can almost overlook Caribou Barbie, because she’s an idiot. But isn’t Newt supposed to be a professor-type? The dems need to make damn sure that the Rushpubliscums responsible for this oil slick wind up drowning in it themselves.

Newt will help them with that. He’s helping them with it now, if only they will point it out.

The Earth Day oil rig disaster that began with an explosion that claimed 11 lives is becoming an ecological catastrophe. The Coast Guard has set some of the West-Virginia-sized oil slick ablaze, even as it grows by thousands of barrels a day. Although this deadly catastrophe calls into question the pro-drilling campaigns by the oil industry and its conservative allies, the propaganda continues. In 2008, Newt Gingrich began American Solutions for Winning the Future (ASWF), the casino-funded 527 that used the slogan “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” to promote the false idea that new offshore drilling could lower gas prices. On its website, Gingrich’s ASWF is continuing its petition while reporting on the inevitable consequences of dependence on dirty oil:

Pay LESS?!?!? HAHAHAHAHAHA….. wait till you see what this is going to cost us in monetary terms, not to mention the potential destruction of a huge chunk of the Earth’s ecosystem.

Newt, who is a paid-off corporate shill and general piece of shit, doesn’t really give a damn, of course. But the rest of us need to understand that elections have consequences, and the consequences we’re going to face due to the Rushpubliscum Reign of Error seem to be never-ending. I realize the Apologist Press released another one of their “Rushpubliscums are gonna WIN!!!” Rushpubliscum infomercials news articles today, but really…. are we THAT stupid? They’ve shown us their utter contempt for people who aren’t rich, their racism, and their disdain for the environment so many times now that it seems to me the game ought to be up.

If we let these pieces of shit back into positions of power, we don’t deserve to exist anymore.

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