It’s pretty clear that Ahnold considers his political career to be over.

First he praised the evil Kenyan’s stimulus plan (an action that also doomed Charlie Crist in Florida, who has decided to jettison the Rushpubliscum label and go it alone.) And he’s always been an advocate of “green” policies, which are anathema to most of the bible-thumping, gas-guzzling Rushpubliscum “base.”

Now, he’s done this, which amounts to a capital crime if you are a Rushpubliscum politician. Ahnold has left the building, blown the bridge up behind him, and mined the harbor.

He wasn’t a great politician, nor a great Governor (not entirely his fault, given the California system.) But he would have once been right at home as a moderate in the former Republican Party.

Now, he either goes dem (since he’s demonstrably to the left of DINOs like Lincoln, Nelson, and Landrieu) or he goes home. And I don’t see him going dem.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger threw his full support behind the national health overhaul Thursday, promising to fully implement provisions of the new law as early as possible despite the state’s ongoing budget crisis.

Saying he’s “not a party servant, I’m a public servant,” the Republican governor’s stance sets him apart from GOP leaders in other states who are actively trying to challenge the legislation, which President Obama signed into law last month.

“As governor of this great state, it is my responsibility to make sure that California prepares to implement this reform right now,” Schwarzenegger said during a news conference at UC Davis’ cancer center in Sacramento. “We are ready to roll up our sleeves and work with the federal government to get this done.”

Schwarzenegger said his failed 2007 effort to overhaul the health care market in California helped lay the groundwork for the federal health law, which he estimated could cost the state between $2 billion and $3 billion a year. The state has an estimated budget deficit of $20 billion.

“The plan is not without flaws. But it is a good law,” he said, adding that he has concerns about how the state will pay for the added expense, even though the law allows several years before the states have to bear much of the costs. “And it is time for California to move ahead with it.”

Schwarzenegger outlined some immediate steps he wants the state to take, including contracting with the federal government to operate a new national high-risk pool for people with pre-existing conditions who are denied coverage.

Calling it a “good plan” is just beyond the pale. It’s a wonder there isn’t a lynch mob on the way to Sacramento right now.

In all seriousness though, his concern about how Cahleefornya is going to pay for healthcare reform is a reasonable one, especially in light of all that debt those patriotic Rushpubliscums have run up at the Federal level. He isn’t going to get a lot of help, and he knows it. About the only hope California has to get real help is if the Congress remains dem in 2011. If the Rushpubliscums actually gain that majority the MSM is so desperately trying to arrange for them, the states can pretty much forget about anything else coming to them out of Washington.

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