You have had the best possible ride anyone could ever have had.

Because you were born after the “New Deal” had become a done deal, you enjoyed incredible opportunities. Thanks to the Fair Labor Standards Act, you didn’t have to work yourselves into the ground for a subpar wage. You could actually live on what you made. And thanks to widespread unionization, even if you were in a non-union shop, you still got taken care of better-because a good employee might have jumped to a union shop if he or she wasn’t treated well. Your parents, who suffered through both a horrible Depression and then a devastating war, did everything in their power to make sure that you never had to suffer what they had gone through. The post-WWII era saw American opportunity for everyone who was willing to work for the chance, including minorities and women in due time.

Imagine never having had to worry about where the money for the bills was going to come from! Imagine never having had to worry about getting laid off! Imagine knowing that your company pension was going to give you a nice cushion to retire on, on top of your Social Security! Yes, that’s what you had. For minimal effort on your part, a hell of a lot of you enjoyed cradle-to-grave security.

Unfortunately, it would seem that in way too many of you, this also bred a sense of entitlement. That sense of entitlement first showed up in the 1960s, when so many of you pretended to be “peaceniks.” We know now that you really weren’t all that into peace, but you WERE into saving your own asses from Viet Cong bullets. As soon as you got old enough to not have to worry about fighting in wars anymore, you started spouting right wing jargon. But becoming born-again militant wasn’t all you were into, not by a long shot. In spite of the fact that you lived in a society where opportunity abounded, many of you resented having to CONTRIBUTE to the society. TAXES?!? That’s MY money!!! Taxes is COMMANISM!!! Unions? They cut into the quarterly dividends! Do AWAY with them! Social programs? Let people pull THEMSELVES up! No more GUBMINT handouts!!! And you voted for people who pandered to your wish to have everything and pay nothing, which is why we’re now in a situation where deficit spending is through the ceiling while services are collapsing. But YOU got YOURS, right? No, not really. You got a hell of a lot of MINE, too, for years to come.

That sort of sums you up in toto. YOU GOT YOURS. You did that by dismantling a system that wasn’t perfect, but was improving all the time, and had actually produced a pretty good life for a large number of us. You didn’t really care if what your beloved Saint Ronnie was selling was actually going to work or not; all you cared about was that the society that had done so much for you be dismantled so that none could hope to achieve what you had. You happily went along with the Rushpubliscums while they dismantled labor and environmental protections that had worked for decades, because YOU got YOURS, and it didn’t really matter to YOU anymore. You smiled while CEO pay skyrocketed, and the pension funds were robbed of every last time they could steal from them, because a great number of YOU are on GUBMINT pensions-a sickeningly large number of you. You deliberately, willfully consigned your children and grandchildren to struggles you never had to face, because…. YOU got YOURS, so who gives a damn if THEY don’t? Those inflated stocks paid off just fine for YOU, when everything got outsourced and offshored. The kids can’t find a job? Too bad for THEM, right?

That brings me to another little boiling point of mine. I don’t know how many of you I’ve heard whining about a kid or grandkid of yours who just keeps coming back like a boomerang because he or she can’t find a job, or they get outsourced not long after they land one. Since YOU managed to work the same job for 30 or 35 years, you just can’t “understand” why THEY have so much trouble. If someone points out to you (quite correctly, I might add) that it is because of your hero politicians that the kids are having such a hard time nowadays, you turn instantly deaf, or respond with some stupid talking point your dope addict hero taught you to say. You have been so blinded by your selfishness that there is no reaching you. You have become so accustomed to getting something for nothing that you have no qualms about stealing it from your grandkids, and then whining about them not making it as well as you did.

When the history of this country is written, your generation-the generation of Chimpy, Cheney, Gingrich, DeLay, Bunning, McConnell, Cornyn, and countless other useless leeches will be seen as having performed one of the most rapid destructions of a society in history. People will wonder how it was that the kids of Depression-era people could be so selfish, so stupidly blind, and so callous, and there won’t be any answers that make any sense. Instead of honoring the sacrifices your parents made, you spit on them, and got in line behind that original chickenhawk, Saint Ronnie, to middle-finger a once-great society. Since none of you had to sacrifice anything in your lives, it seems that you don’t appreciate anything either.

How do I know this? I am, as a matter of fact, one of those “pull yourself up” people you are always blabbering about. I came from what could charitably be called humble circumstances, and my early years on my own were no party; I made little choices like paying for a gallon of milk and stiffing the electric company  a few dollars that month. I didn’t come from comfortable surroundings, and I didn’t get a ride from mommy and daddy to go party at college. I am everything you say you admire; I got where I got on my own, and I never asked anybody for anything. I did commit the grave sin of accepting help from the WIC program for my kids, but that’s about it. I worked, and I showed people that I had something on the ball, and I got people to train me, and pay for training me, and I got something of a decent middle class life out of it. But let me tell you what I didn’t get out of it; I didn’t get the idea that I should feel like I’m better than other people are. I didn’t get scared to death that somebody might take some of MY money and use it on THEM. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to make something halfway decent out of myself, and I’d like to expand those opportunities to other people. If you have to take some of my tax receipts to do that, you know that’s not a bad thing; the better educated younger people get, the more comfortable my declining years are going to be, and the more viable my society will be. It’s kind of a win-win for everybody, and all it takes is everybody chipping in here and there. I also don’t mind paying for those bridges, and those overpasses, and those highways. The better the infrastructure is, the easier I get around, and the easier commerce in general is. I realize that turning the highways and the schools into for-profit ventures isn’t to my advantage, because those in charge of the highways and the schools will try to wring every dime out of the systems that they can without actually having to invest anything in them. Government was made to take care of things like these, where profit makes no sense. I see the return on my tax dollars when I see educated kids, and I see safe highways. Tell me what I see when Paris Hilton’s taxes are lower than even mine are.

That’s what makes me maddest of all about you selfish pigs. You know what America used to be like, and you saw the damage done under Saint Ronnie and Pere Chimpy, but you STILL can’t stand the idea that YOUR money might be used to help anyone else the way that the money of others was used to help YOU, so you have happily dismantled America. The “American Dream” is dead, and I don’t think it will ever be revived, but all of that is just fine with you, since you’ll be dead before too much longer anyway and you won’t be held accountable for what you’ve done. My children will be held accountable, but YOU won’t.

You are truly The Lamest Generation. I know that what I’ve said here doesn’t apply to all of you, and I want to apologize to any of you that it doesn’t apply to. The rest of you, though…. you can all kiss my ass. This country has never seen worse than you, and the sooner you get marginalized in politics, the better off we’ll all be.

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