Jim DeKlansman was going to bag hisself a PRESIDENT! He done got him a whole bunch of Klanbaggers to scream and yell every time somebody mentioned healthcare reform, and he done gots him another Rushpubliscum in the Senate! The Rushpubliscums is gon’ win it ALL come November!

Or maybe they aren’t.

As I have said repeatedly the last few months, everything depends on whether or not the dems turn out. As of right now, it appears that Frum was right about who got their Waterloo.

Hopefully, the idiots will continue to pander to their racist, homophobic, fundamentalist “base,” which will result in ever-more images of the Rushpubliscums as the “Party of DUH.”

Jim, I tried to tell you-”Just Say No!” isn’t any better a political plan than it was a plan to keep kids away from drugs. You have to have some kind of an alternative vision, and we know what YOURS is. It’s the “vision” that got us where we are now.

But…. please, keep it up. By all means. You and your pals will own Dixie for sure. The country as a whole, maybe not so much.

Joe Gandelman lays it out nicely right here.

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll indicates the “enthusiasm gap” between the GOP and Democrats has now virtually evaporated — with 76% of Dems enthusiastic about voting this November versus 75% of Republicans. Just a few weeks ago polls showed the gap with the Democrats lagging far behind.

What did it? Most likely the passage of health care reform. Liberal Democrats had become dispirited and it seemed as if we would be heading into yet one more election where a chunk of voters in one party would be losing faith with their party, stay home and in essence hand the election to the other party.

If these numbers hold up it will signal that 2010 will be an election with both parties matched in terms of enthusiasm. And — once again — the independent voter could be the final judge in the outcome (to quote San Francisco’s Mayor’s famous words “whether you like it or not..”).

Meanwhile, there are signs that the passage of health care reform could have “unstuck” Obama who now seems to be using the potential of his office’s power and imagery. Yesterday he announced 15 recess appointments, infuriating GOPers such as Sen. John McCain, who was in favor of using recess appointments when George Bush was President. Today, Obama has embarked on another tool Presidents have to gather information and also solidify their image: he arrived in Afghanistan on a trip that had been shrouded in secrecy but will get enormous media coverage.

If I were the President, I’d put immigration reform right up front, with job creation. That way, the Rushpubliscums can display their white sheets to our huge Hispanic population, and deliver the dems some more votes come November. I’d also make Bunning, Coburn, and Bachmann my poster children for campaign season.

If we get some decent jobs numbers, the Rushpubliscums will have to rely on their galvanized base of bigots to get anywhere, and that’s fine. Frankly, a few more of those lunatics in Congress is just what we need-so long as the press starts giving them the attention they warrant, instead of the hagiography they’ve given to Caribou Barbie.

It’ll be an interesting season, methinks.

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