I used to think the Wall Street bankers were the worst of the lot, but I swear….. I don’t think we’ve ever produced a greedier class than the health insurer.

Just LOOK at this! They promise to use a pittance of the profits they’ve raked in from their murderous gaming of the health system, and they won’t even do THAT! I wonder why? Did one of their executives need a new gold shitter for his bathroom?

I’m sure you remember Cantor telling a cancer patient awhile back that she should try charity if she needed treatment, ‘cuz healthcare reform is COMMANISM!

Well, this is “charity” as practiced by Wellpoint. They truly do believe in the motto “charity begins at home.” As in, their multimillion-dollar estates.

When Angela F. Braly, the chief executive of insurance giant WellPoint Inc., came to Capitol Hill last month to defend the company’s recent rate hikes in California, she told lawmakers that her company supported “responsible, sustainable healthcare reform.”

It was not the first time the nation’s largest insurer cast itself as an agent of change. In 2007, just as Democrats took control of Congress, WellPoint pledged that its charitable foundation would spend $30 million over three years as part of a “comprehensive plan to help address the growing ranks of the uninsured.”

But according to tax filings, company promotional material and former executives familiar with the initiative, WellPoint never came close to fulfilling that pledge. A company spokeswoman disputed that Wednesday.

However, WellPoint’s public records indicate that from 2007 to 2009 the foundation gave less than $6.2 million in grants targeted specifically at helping uninsured Americans get access to coverage and care — barely one-fifth of what was promised and just 11% of the charity’s total giving over the last three years.

“It was just not something that the company really wanted to do,” said one former executive, who, like others interviewed for this story, asked not to be identified out of concern that discussing WellPoint could have adverse career consequences. “So it went by the wayside.”

WellPoint spokeswoman Kristin Binns countered that the foundation did fulfill its $30-million commitment in mid-2009.

“It’s a complicated reporting process, but we do have teams in place to track all donations to ensure we not only meet that $30-million goal, which I’m assured we have, but also that we continue donating to uninsured causes,” Binns said in an e-mail response to questions.

But she declined to provide details. “I don’t believe we publicly break down the grant amount and institution,” Binns said.

They can spend millions of dollars EVERY DAY, however, to whip up their inbred healthscare mobs and lobby corrupt Rushpubliscum and dem Congresscritters.

I wish that these sons of bitches would join up with their greedy counterparts in the financial sector and do what Galt and his buddies did in Atlas Shrugged. They need to leave, and go create that Utopia of selfishness. Let the rest of us wallow in our misery. PLEASE!

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