The screeching throngs busting up “town hall” meetings are the core “values” voters of the Rushpubliscum Party. And one of their “core values” is the binding one, the one that keeps them all together, voting against their own interests and cutting their own throats.

The MSM won’t touch it, but their leader does. He unabashedly tells us all about the problem he and his “Dildoheads” have with healthcare reform.

Rush Limbaugh says that the health reform bills pending in Congress amount to nothing more than “civil rights” legislation and “reparations.”

Shorter Limbaugh: Honest, hardworking white people shouldn’t have to pay for health care for shiftless, lazy coloreds. To Limbaugh of course, it makes perfect sense: Obama (who is a Magic Negro) wants to redistribute the wealth to minorities because the nation’s first African-American president is an “uppity” “boy.” Besides, says Limbaugh, blacks are “twelve percent of the population. Who the hell cares?”

In other news, TPM today discovered an email that “Mark Williams, the conservative talk radio host who has become a prominent spokesman for the Tea Party Express, sent [] in September.” In it, Williams called Barack Obama “our half white, racist president.”

Anyway, now that they’ve put  the country’s racial divisions to rest, perhaps Limbaugh and Williams will address other problems plaguing the nation: Injun wagon train ambushes, the creeping socialism of child labor laws, women sassing their husbands, Chinamen refusing to work on the railroad, and the crisis in health care created by our ongoing leech shortage.

Limbaugh would also like for all the good Rushpubliscums to send their teenage boys to him for that special “conservative” education he’s famous for down in the Dominican Republic.

Racism is the driving, and unifying, force of the Rushpubliscum Party. Nixon solidified it as the core Rushpubliscum value with his “southern strategy,” and Saint Ronnie ethched it into stone tablets with his racist remarks and his Philadelphia, Mississippi campaign start in 1980. Chimpy and Der Rovesmarschall perfected the “dog whistle” terms used to fire up their racist base, and Caribou
Barbie REALLY jumped on that bandwagon.The Rushpubliscum Party is a mostly southern party for a reason, but it isn;’t because of their failures. It’s mostly because their racist base has aged, and moved down south, and the people left behind in other regions of the country aren’t going to be as easily swayed by the appeals to racism.
Unless and until the Rushpubliscums figure out that their racism is a dead horse, they will continue to bleed off supporters-some of them killed, without a doubt, by the murderous healthcare system they were so afraid one of those damn darkies might get access to. Yes, the Rushpubliscuums are going to gain a few seats in Congress this year, but I’ll bet my ass they aren’t going to repeat 1994. Their base is aging, and dying off, and they aren’t offering up anything to people who aren’t as hateful as their traditional voters have been. Archie Bunker is receding into the past, rapidly.

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