Stupidity Is Chimpy insane, is he THAT stupid, or does he just not give a damn anymore?

Given that a majority of Americans preferred Al Gore in 2000 (and Chimpy was elevated to the Presidency courtesy of his brother and SCOTUS Justices appointed by his father,) and given what Blackwell and local Boards of Elections engineered in Ohio in 2004…. how in the HELL can the moronic monkey actually call for a probe into the RUSSIAN elections? This is way past Orwellian-this is arrogance beyond anything we’ve seen yet from Chimpy, and of course we’ve seen a LOT already.

Nearly every neutral observer asked knew that Putin’s people would carry this election. Russian opinion polls consistently show approval ratings in the 70% arena for Putin. Just what the hell is it Chimpy wants to find out by “investigating” the Russian elections? This is a major snow job, an attempt by Chimpy and his handlers to make Vladimir Putin look like some kind of election-rigging bad guy. Their attempts to restart the Cold War are doomed to failure, as the Europeans hardly listen to anything the moronic monkey says anymore.

If we hadn’t had an arrogant cretin in the Oval Office, Putin could have been worked with. He’s a pragmatist every bit as much as he’s a Russian chauvanist. Russia was going to rise again, as it always does, and narrow-minded cretins like the moronic monkey weren’t going to prevent that from happening. All Chimpy did was give the Russians another reason to rally behind Putin. Chimpy has that effect a lot of places. Like, for instance, Iran and Venezuela. Unlike the US, Iran, and Venezuela, the Russians at least have a leader who puts his country ahead of his ideology/megalomania.

When Chimpy lectures on “democracy” or “human rights,” you can hear the snorting and guffawing all over the world. What a joke this moron is. What a joke he’s made out of US.

Vladimir Putin’s party won a crushing victory in parliamentary elections Sunday, paving the way for the authoritarian leader to remain in control even after he steps down as president.

The vote followed a tense Kremlin campaign that relied on a combination of persuasion and intimidation to ensure victory for the United Russia party and for Putin, who has used a flood of oil revenues to move his country into a more assertive position on the global stage.

“The vote affirmed the main idea: that Vladimir Putin is the national leader, that the people support his course, and this course will continue,” party leader and parliament speaker Boris Gryzlov said after exit polls were announced.

Several opposition leaders accused the Kremlin of rigging the vote, and the Bush administration called for a probe into voting irregularities. Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov called the election “the most irresponsible and dirty” in the post-Soviet era and party officials vowed to challenge the results.

With ballots from 79.3 percent of precincts counted, United Russia was leading with 63.3 percent, while the Communists trailed with 11.7 percent, the Central Election Commission said.

The Kremlin portrayed the election as a plebiscite on Putin’s nearly eight years as president — with the promise that a major victory would allow him somehow to remain leader after his second term ends next year.

Putin is constitutionally prohibited from running for a third consecutive term, but he clearly wants to stay in power. A movement has sprung up in recent weeks to urge him to become a “national leader,” though what duties and powers that would entail are unclear.

Pollsters said United Russia’s performance would give it an overwhelming majority of 306 seats in the 450-seat State Duma, or lower house. The Communists would have 57 seats.

Two other pro-Kremlin parties — the nationalist Liberal Democratic Party and populist Just Russia — also appeared to have made it into parliament, with 8.5 percent and 8 percent, respectively…

…The Bush administration Sunday called on Russia to investigate claims the vote was manipulated.

“In the runup to election day, we expressed our concern regarding the use of state administrative resources in support of United Russia, the bias of the state-owned or influenced media in favor of United Russia, intimidation of political opposition, and the lack of equal opportunity encountered by opposition candidates and parties,” said Gordon Johndroe, spokesman for the National Security Council.

What I have highlighted absolutely took my breath away when I read it. Are you feeling a little oxygen-deprived right now?

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