Now we all know that half of America was out to hear the American hero and savior Michele Bachmann speak at the Capitol today. But the dirty, librul-run press is calling the number “thousands” already.

Remember when they denied the TWO MILLION patriotic Americans that showed up at the last DC shindig? The liars at the DC Fire Department said that there were fewer than 50,000 at THAT one-but we know better.

Poll after poll after poll (just check the FOX website, or show that Americans love being bent over, raped, and murdered cared for so well by our selfless, compassionate private insurance system. It is past time that those Kenyan-lovers in the press stopped underestimating the crowd sizes and came clean!

Bachmann/Palin 2012!

Thousands of emboldened conservative activists converged on Capitol Hill for a midday rally Thursday, a last-ditch effort to kill the Democrats’ health-care reform legislation they called “Pelosi Care.”

Protesters from across the Eastern Seaboard waved flags, held signs and rang cowbells as their chants of “Kill This Bill” echoed across the Mall. Dozens of Republican lawmakers, led by Rep. Michele Bachmann (W-Sanitarium.), stood on the Capitol steps and pledged to do everything they could to defeat the health-care reform bill by Saturday, when House members plan to vote.

“You came! You came to your House!” said Bachmann, who organized the “Hands Off Our Health Care!” rally in recent days with impassioned pleas on conservative talk radio and cable television shows.

“Quite simply the Republicans don’t have enough votes to kill this bill,” Bachmann said. “We knew we were limited. But what we knew was unlimited were the voices of persuasion of the American people.”

Bachmann had promised to lead activists to the offices of Democratic senators and representatives, including moderate Blue Dog Democrats, who she believes could be swayed to vote against the health bill.

Many of the protesters are members of local “Tea Party” movements and have demonstrated in recent months against health-care reform in Washington and in communities across the country. Democrats cast the demonstrators as an “extreme Tea Party crowd.”

“If the Republican Party wants to make Michele Bachmann the voice of the party, that’s more than fine with us,” Democratic National Committee spokesman Hari Sevugan said in a statement. “It’s their extreme right-wing, rigid ideological agenda that has Americans leaving the Republican Party in droves — and so, if displays like today are what they think is a smart political strategy, all we can say is: Go for it.”

I’ve seen pics of the so-called rally. The white hair and shiny heads are reflecting enough sunlight back into the atmosphere to partially make up for the loss of polar ice. Maybe more of these rallies should be organized, especially in the summertime.

They almost covered the lawn in front of the Capitol. A respectable sized crowd, but hardly anything that would indicate broad American consensus (think about the crowd at the Inauguration, and then subtract about 99%.) I also noticed that most MSM photographs are at ground-level in the back of the crowd (but not the back of the lawn,) which is an interesting way to take these pictures, to say the least. Hopefully we’ll get an aerial shot, which will tell quite a story about the size of the crowd.

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